Kate Gosselin continued her "I-can't-pay-my-bills" media tour Monday with a telephone interview on ABC's "The View," where she told Barbara Walters she is prepared to go and "work at McDonald's" to feed her eight children.

Coming off a "Today Show" appearance earlier Monday in which she said her husband Jon drained their joint bank account of some $230,000, leaving just over $1,000 for her and the children, Kate found a mostly sympathetic audience among the ladies of the "The View."


"What is happening? Did he rob your bank account?" Walters said by way of opening the phone conversation without any pretense of impartiality.

In less than 90 seconds, Kate was sobbing on the other end of the line, saying several times, "I hate that this is happening to me and my kids."

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Kate amended her comments of "Today" to say that Jon took $230,000 and left her $1,346 -- rather than just $1,000 as she said on "Today."

But who's counting? Who ever thought it would get this ugly?

"If I have to work at McDonald's, I will do whatever I have to do to provide for my kids," Kate said somewhat melodramatically given that she is half owner of a home worth more than a million dollars, and she still has a contract with TLC for this season worth hundreds of thousands of dollars more.

Kate was full of her usual contradictions. She said she cannot sleep at night as she is now so worried about money. However, she brushed off co-host Joy Behar's question about whether she and Jon could work something out given his statement on Larry King last week that he wants to be "friends."

And when Lisa Ling, a guest host, dared to suggest that maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing to take the kids off the air until the dust settles on her divorce, Kate said how "upset" the kids were because Jon had succeeded in getting TLC to stop taping. Kate is making it sound like she wants to keep the show going for the children.

I see a larger story emerging here.

"Jon & Kate Plus 8," the TLC reality show is dead in the water with only 1.3 million viewers, as the real-life media feud between these two has totally eclipsed it. The show itself no longer matters as the two people on it take the relationship into the real world with devastating and ugly results. Talk about a new and even nastier level of reality TV.

It is wrong, she said, "tro pull them off TV so suddenly and take away this opportunity."