Which Ravens will have breakout seasons?

We dipped into the NFL pool on Tuesday.

Let's jump in feet first today.


I am looking for a breakout Raven (prison jokes not welcome). Could be offense, could be defense, could even be new kicker Steve Hauschka.

Basically, I am looking for this year's Le'Ron McClain, Jim Leonhard or Joe Flacco.


Players that helped carry the team that you weren't exactly counting on before the first game. Players that took the biggest leap from one season to the next.

Ray Rice is going to be the popular answer here. I will give you two more: Tavares Gooden and Todd Heap.

Yes, Todd Heap. Yes, I know it is not 2003. Yes, he's already broken out, but then he broke down.

As Paul of Arlington (free drink chip) predicted in Tuesday's fantasy football entry, Heap could be a big source of TDs if he is healthy.

A huge if, I get it. But I think he might have one more productive season left in him.

Call me an optimist.

Or call me an idiot. But call me.

Come on Ravens' fans, I want your breakout Raven for 2009-10.


Daily Think Special: Which Raven (or Ravens) will have a breakout year? Why?