Which NFL players will have breakout/sleeper seasons?

Labor Day is over, so I no longer have an excuse to keep the bar dark.

And it is a good thing, too. I have received several emails wondering why I have ignored the NFL for the past month.


The answer: Because it was preseason. And preseason means nothing. And the Orioles, if you haven't noticed, are still playing. And my pseudo-expertise with baseball is why I get a paycheck.

But, alas, we are into September. We are post Labor Day. I won't wear white for months (I'll have to dust off the colored undershirts) and I won't make baseball my only focus.

So, you ready for some football?

We are embarking on the first week of the NFL season with the first game Thursday.

We'll get to Super Bowl prognostications and the like this week as well as Prediction Friday (copyright pending) with the Ravens.

But Wednesday night is my second fantasy draft, and since Aubrey Huff is no longer an Oriole (he was my fantasy football sounding board) I am coming to you. (Although Orioles PR guru Jay Moskowitz navigated me through my first draft.)

I want your sleepers, guys that may not be highly touted to start the season and end up as key picks. I will give you a few of mine, but I have to be careful because some of my opponents frequent the bar.

Running back: Donald Brown of Indianapolis. Wide receiver: Hakeem Nicks of the New York Giants. Quarterback: Matt Leinart of Arizona (no way Warner makes it through the season).

I have others, but I am keeping them close to the vest. But you don't have to.

If you aren't a fantasy football player, that's OK. Just give me some names of players that you think are going to have breakout seasons. That's helpful, too.

Daily Think Special: Which NFL players will have breakout/sleeper seasons?