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The nutritional content of a fried Oreo

OK, our intrepid food editor and Reality Check blogger Sarah KK (she also delivers the mail) has come up with the nutrition, maybe I ought to put that in quotation marks, content for one fried Oreo. We also had a very interesting conversation about what a serving is.

Yes, I know you can figure it out by dividing the number of cookies in a package by the number of servings, but that doesn't mean that two or three Oreos actually is a serving. To me, one Oreo is more than a serving, even though I live by the Four Cookie Rule, that four of anything good (such as Kirchmayr chocolates or cocktail party canapes) is a serving.


Anyway, here's what you'll get with one deep-fried Oreo. I'm not sure what the "Vitamin A RE" means, and neither is Sarah, and I'm not interested enough to call the dietitian to find out: ...

This analysis is PER COOKIE!
Nutrients per serving

Calories 130.48


Fat (total)  9.16 grams

Protein 1.72 grams

Saturated fat 0.81 grams

Carbohydrates 11.21 grams

Vitamin A RE  6.62  micrograms

Dietary fiber 0.89 grams

Vitamin C 0.01 milligrams

Cholesterol 9.05 milligrams

Sodium 85.73  milligrams


% Calories from fat 61 %

% Calories from carbs 33 %