Startup Tuesday: featuring Hosted Solutions Inc.

Today is the first edition of Startup Tuesday, a weekly feature highlighting a tech startup in the Mid-Atlantic region! If you're a startup and are interested in participating, follow the guidelines here. Without further ado, let's get started:

* Company: Hosted Solutions Inc


* Founders: Byron Patrick (top right), Daniel Houle (bottom right)

* Number of employees: 2


* Headquarters: Emerging Technology Center in Canton, Baltimore

* Field/Industry – Technology Outsourcing

* Product and what it does: TruCloud is the main product. HSI provides a complete "Infrastructure as a Service" to businesses by hosting their data and applications on its completely virtualized infrastructure. HSI then delivers the apps and data through a secure remote connection that is accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection and some type of gateway, PC, Mac, iPhone, etc. The company says it flips the "Break and Fix" model of technology support into an all-inclusive fixed price subscription agreement. It provides all Microsoft licensing, patch and upgrade management, all hardware in the hosted environment and both end user technical support as well as end user application support. HSI started in August 2008 and currently has 7 clients supporting nearly 175 users from Arizona to Florida to Maryland.

* The genesis of the idea for the company: Daniel and Byron ran the IT department for a local CPA firm that, at the time, had over 100 people with 5 locations. While there, they created a similar infrastructure in-house which was very successful and became a strategic advantage for the firm. Once virtualization hit the market, they began working with it and eventually it became mature enough that they could run their platform off of it. They decided then that they could create an even larger infrastructure and host many companies out of it. With Byron being a CPA and Daniel working with CPAs for a number of years, their initial market is focused on the CPA market, but they can scale the technology for other markets. They also have clients in the nonprofit and construction sectors.

* Most important local/regional resource used to start the company: Baltimore ETC, M&T Bank and the Maryland Association of CPA's