Sipping a $4 morning margarita at Ale Mary's

Saturday morning, I found myself where Fells Point meets Canton, with some extra time on my hands.

Isn't there some old saying about idle hands?

I decided to slip inside Ale Mary's, and on my way in, saw $5 margaritas advertised on the chalkboard. Score! I sidled up to the bar and asked for one of their finest $5 margaritas.


When the bartender typed it into the touchscreen, she realized the margaritas were only $4.

Double score!


"I've got to change the board," she said ...

When the bartender asked me if I wanted some salt on the rim, I politely declined. It was a little too early for big chunks of salt.

Speaking of big chunks of salt, is that authentic? Do they put big chunks of salt on margaritas south of the border? I've never been to Mexico, you know.

The $4 Ale Mary's margarita was served in a Ball jar (nice!) and came with a couple slices of orange and lime. It was also largely composed of liquor, which, consumed pre-noon, was like setting a small forest fire in my belly. I'm not sure how much it normally costs, but for $4, it was quite a deal.

I haven't had too many margaritas around town. And summer is pretty much gone (heck, it was barely here at all this year). But where can I get the best margarita in town?

(Photo by me)