I am officially south of the border now.

I'm not buying fireworks or anything, just home from Toronto.


Just in time for Prediction Friday.

I won't be going against the patrons this week. Consider me happily in the majority.

I don't see the Ravens having a letdown Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. And partially that's because I don't think much of the Browns. (And as an Irish Catholic I am biologically obligated to support Brady Quinn in his endeavors.)

Really, even a Jonathan Ogden-sized letdown shouldn't be enough for the Ravens to drop one at home to the Browns.

But it is the NFL, so I guess you can never say never.

Still, I'm predicting a 24-6 Ravens win. My hero of the game is Ed Reed, who snags two interceptions, and returns one for a touchdown.

Am I off? Did I jinx your beloved purple and black?

Daily Think Special: Predict the score and hero of Sunday's Ravens-Browns game.