Post your Super Bowl predictions

We are now knee deep in NFL preview week here.

And it's time for your Super Bowl predictions. I'll keep them, I promise.


I believe I had the Jacksonville Jaguars and Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl this time last year. So it's pretty obvious why The Sun employs me as a baseball writer (For the record, most of my predictions for the baseball playoffs are still in good shape).

Basically, the AFC is tough for me to figure out this season.


I'm going to avoid putting the Ravens into the Super Bowl. That would make me too much of a homer. But feel free to do it yourself.

As a card-carrying Baltimoron, I am contractually obligated to not pick the Pittsburgh Steelers. Besides, it is so tough to repeat that I probably wouldn't have picked them anyway, despite their immense talent.

And I am just not sold on the New England Patriots simply because Tom Brady is back. Yes, it makes them better; but not necessarily the AFC champs.

So I am going with the San Diego Chargers, because I like their balanced offense and strong defense, assuming a certain former Terp behaves. Plus, their division is so terrible they should be ashamed if they don't lock up the conference's best record and home-field advantage.

On the NFC side, I know the Cowboys, the Eagles and the Falcons are chic picks. But I am going with the Green Bay Packers. Again, I like the balanced offense and the opportunistic defense. And they also get to face some bad teams.

So that's my call: Chargers versus Packers in the Super Bowl, with Packers winning.

Daily Think Special: Post your Super Bowl predictions.