Jon Gosselin tells more 'Family Secrets' on ABC

After hearing Jon Gosselin on "Good Morning America" Tuesday accuse his wife, Kate, of everything from stealing his wedding ring to "beating" him down, you might think there would be nothing left to say.

But you would be wrong. ABC News saved more trash and slash from a three hour interview Chris Cuomo did with Jon for a 30 minute prime-time segment on "Primetime: Family Secrets" Tuesday night. And as bad as the story of Jon and Kate had become in the tabloids, it got worse with this ABC News interview with the dad of what was once a very popular reality TV show about a beloved American family.


"What happens behind closed doors, doesn't always stay behind closed doors," viewers were told as a sleazy tease to the program.

So, Tuesday night in prime time before what will probably turn out to be an audience of 6 to 8 million viewers, Jon accused Kate of being the first to commit adultery, saying he suspected her of having an affair with her body guard. Cuomo, to his credit, pressed Jon as to whether he had proof, and Jon admitted that he only suspected Kate of having an affair.


"I don't know. I speculate," Jon acknowledged. But the accusation by the husband was made.

Saying he was "abused" and "beaten down," Jon also expanded on what was shown in the "Good Morning America" interview, saying Kate deliberately "separated" him from his mother and brothers.

"I was beaten down so long, I couldn't even make a decision for myself," he said.

Jon also claimed all the trouble in the marriage started this spring when Kate came into the living room one night as he was seated at the dinner table and said, "I don't even know why I got married."

He made it sound as if it was totally out of the blue, and some kind of total transformation in Kate. It was all downhill from there, according to him. Things came to a head, he said, when against Kate's will he went out with his friends. It was the first time in 10 years he had ever done that, in his telling.

Jon also denied having a romantic relationship with two of the three women he is said to have been involved with, according to the tabloids. He says Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate's plastic surgeon, is someone he loves more than he did Kate -- and that she shows him "love and respect" as Kate never did. He is having a romantic relationship with her, he admits.

And on and on it goes with Jon telling a story almost 180 degrees different than Kate's -- and the accusations and denials of both making you feel more and more soiled for listening to these two increasingly pathetic characters.

One of the weirdest parts of the interview came when Jon said he and Kate saw Dr. Phil for a counseling session, but the TV psychologist only talked about how to save the show. Dr. Phil, who seems tro be an expert at swimming in the same stream of false TV sanctimony as Kate, issued a statement saying he wouldn't comment out of respect for the Gosselins' privacy.


Jon said he spent $22,000 on therapy for himself, but Kate wouldn't go.

In the end, Jon's bottom line is that no matter how many "mistakes" he's made, he's a good person and Kate is not because he "speaks from the heart...and she doesn't." This speaking from the heart is real big with Jon and apparently makes up for everything.

Somehow, I don't think his children are going to see it that way when they look back one day on all the videotape, sex and lies their parents generated while cashing checks from TLC.