Just got back from Detroit, where the Orioles left me on Thursday.

They went on to Canada, but I stayed in this country. Something about "past felonies" and "international incidents" that I really don't want to detail here (just kidding, mom, just kidding).


Actually, I stayed the weekend in Detroit on my own free will. Seriously.

My brother and his family live in Central Michigan, and so my brother and my 18-year-old nephew met me in Detroit and we hung out for two days.

I went back to Comerica on Friday as a regular old Dan and watched the Tigers and Twins play. And this just in, Joe Mauer is good.

I might have misspelled the Twins catcher's last name. I think I left out a V and a P in Joe M's last name.

He's got my vote, and not just because he was about six inches from going 5-for-5 in the game I saw Friday night.

We also went to the old State Theatre (the Fillmore Detroit now) on Saturday and saw Chickenfoot live. If you aren't familiar with the band itself, you certainly are familiar with its musicians.

Chickenfoot features Sammy Hagar as the lead singer, Van Halen's Michael Anthony on bass, guitar god Joe Satriani on lead and the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith on drums.

Satriani's guitar playing was worth the price of admission (and it wasn't cheap) and Hagar, at age 62 believe it or not, can still scream with the best of them. He jumped, rolled and leaped – and never broke a hip the whole night.

Chickenfoot's new CD is fine (a must-have if you miss Van Hagar), but their live show is the reason this group is together. Not normally my cup of tea now that I'm an old guy, but it was definitely something to check out.

Given the crowd – old rocker chicks and balding, paunchy dudes mixed in with some 20-somethings – it was definitely a flashback night.

And since the Orioles, kings of the flashback, are celebrating the 1989 "Why Not?" season Orioles throughout this year, I figured we'd continue the theme on a Monday.

I loved that 1989 team because I was in college in Pennsylvania and the year before had to endure the ignominy of the 0-21 Orioles. So that 1989 season was a reward for loyal Orioles fans (just imagine your reward when this club finally gets good).

Of all of those players that burst on the scene that year, I'd say my favorite was Pete Harnisch. The guy had "guts." Damn that rusty nail.

Who was your favorite 1989 Oriole? And what was your most memorable moment from that season?


Daily Think Special: Who/what do you remember the most from the 1989 "Why Not?" season?