It's time for Project Runway's second episode, and I'm hoping for some better fashion. Last week was a bit of a disappointment. We start with the designers getting ready in the a.m., talking about the shock of the first round: who went home, who were the 3 top designers, who were the three worst designers.

They head off to the runway, where host and judge Heidi Klum says they will be making an outfit for a mommy-to-be: Rebecca Romijn no longer Stamos. ("It's somebody else's 'Full House' now!" says viewing partner Pat. Ha!). The contestants need to design a maternity outfit for any type of event -- something Rebecca can wear to lunch, a party, etc. And she still wants to show off her shape a bit.


In the FIDM workroom, the designers have circular pillows to attached to their mannequins, so they can design appropriately. The models will wear these pillows, too. Consultant Tim Gunn comes in and says the pregnancy look must be form-fitting. They'll go to Mood to get fabric soon; it's now time to sketch. Logan then says pregnant women SCARE him? Is that really what he said? Or am I just tired? Wow.

The trip to Mood is a bit uneventful. Back in the room, the designers get to work. There's some hand-dying, ribbons and a look called "the mother hen." Hmm. The designers keep saying how hard it is to design for someone who is pregnant. Yes, designers. It's a big belly. Everyone is not always a size 0.

Mitchell is designing short shorts with a belly band. Yikes. I am worried for him yet again, even though he apparently has experience in making designs for pregnant women. He and others hold up his giant shorts and make fun of them.

The next day, everyone seems focused. Tim comes in to check out what the designers are working on. Malvin is making that "mother hen" bird outfit -- the top is feathers, the belly looks like an ivory egg, and the jodhpurs will look like ... chicken legs. Did he not learn anything from last week's space outfit? Cuckoo! (Totally stole that comment from Tim.)

And then ... Mitchell tells Ra'mon that his dress looks like a bowling ball. The models come in for their fittings. After they leave, we see Johnny's ugly jacket. Qristyl says Rebecca wouldn't dust with that jacket. It's like bits of funny this season. Bits.

It's runway day. The designers need to tweak their outfits (some have started calling the bump the "alien"). Malvin says he needs to make his dress a bit more literal. And he continues to freak me out. There's some banging on some leather, so, naturally, there's a reference to Stella working on her letha! Love it.

Runway time! The guest judge is Monique Lhuillier (can you say Lindsay Lohan upgrade?). Louise, Mitchell, Althea, Malvin, Shirin, Ra'mon are among the best and the worst. Ra'mon says he created a cocktail dress. Monique says the construction is sloppy, and Heidi says the dress' patterns point to the baby. Which they totally do. Louise's red lingerie dress is a hit. Rebecca says she'd wear a dress like it on a date with her husband. The judges like its details and its tiers.

Louise's dress, despite the small coverage up top, its a hit. The judges like the jersey fabric and the tailoring. (I disagree on this one. I hate it.) Malvin explains his egg outfit. Judge Nina Garcia says the black organza with feathers is nice, but that the ivory makes it look like she's carrying her baby in a sling. The judges say Mitchell's model looks like a pregnant mess. The T-shirt is too tight; the shorts are not well-made. Shirin's red dress and jacket are cute -- Monique says she should get into the maternity business. The judges like the details, the waist line and the versatility. I think this was my favorite outfit.

"Later Mitchell!" says viewing partner Nancy. Is she right? Post-commerical break, we learn Shirin wins. And Malvin is out. Heidi tells Mitchell he just squeaked by, and he needs to up his game.

Next week, the contestants work in teams of two. Hopefully this will amp up the drama. And it looks like their might be a disqualification? Ooh!