I have heard Kate Gosselin say some screwy things in interviews, but Tuesday night with Larry King, she set a new standard for denial.

"Do you think the show affected the marriage?" King asked the most discussed mom on American television.


"No," Kate said. And she sounded like she really believed it.

No? Having cameras follow you and your husband and eight kids around for five season didn't have an effect? No? Having thousands of fans and dozens of bloggers writing about how you treat your husband like a servant or an unruly child on the show, didn't have an effect -- especially after he said it did when the two of you announced your divorce on TV in June?

Kate, you really are something. Maybe you really do believe being on this show isn't going to have a profound effect on your kids for the rest of their lives either.

King, who I think of as one TV's schmooziest interviewers, really was very focused and fairly tough on Kate Tuesday night. But she has an act that she's been working on a lot lately on such shows as "Today" and "Live with Regis and Kelly." And she sticks to that script.

Whenever Kate doesn't want to answer something, she says she can't answer it because answering it would not be good for her kids. And she is all about being "positive" and good for her kids. She is also all about "peace" -- she said that again, too, on King's show.

King pressed her about statements she made at the time of her divorce saying that Jon did things that left her no choice but to break up the marriage.

"What were you talking about?" King asked.

"I am not at liberty to discuss that," Kate said. "For the sake of the children, I only speak positive." Right, saying Jon did things that forced a divorce is so positive.

King asked another great question when he pressed her on the phony marriage renewal ceremony that took place only a year ago onscreen in Hawaii.

"What happened?" he asked. "How do you go from that to divorce?"

"I don't know...I don't find it's something I have to discuss... My main concern is my kids."

And so it went.

Looking back over my notes, King really was quite good. He asked if maybe Jon would be ditched, and the show would go on as "Kate Plus 8."

When Kate said for the second time, "that would be a question for the network [meaning the cable channel TLC]," King said, "So why are you letting the network run you?"


Kate insisted TLC wasn't running her. In fact, she said the experience of making the show with TLC has been "healthy, safe and fun" for her and the kids. Jon has been quoted in several places saying he hates it.

Kate tried to play the role of brave single mom moving on and caring for the kids, saying she's "lonely...but busy." She said how "hard" it was to look at the tape of the show in June when they announced their divorce. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

None of this is to defend Jon. He's a slacker's slacker and loser's loser with the emotional maturity of a middle schooler. But I have to say, Kate's act is getting old. And it's time for her and TLC to start making some shows people want to watch again -- or put this series out of its misery.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY MORNING: Had enough of Kate? Wish she would go away? Not likely for the moment. This just in from "The View" on ABC: Gosselin will a celebrity guest host subbing for Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Sept. 14 and 15. I am sure she is doing it for her kids -- and to be "positive" and for "peace."