Robert of Cross Keys guest posts today from Florida. It's an intriguing post that raises more questions than it answers, including a) you have to travel for fantasy football? and b) are you bringing me a pecan roll from Stuckey's? Here's RoCK. EL...

Update: I've removed the autoplay video. I looked to see if I could find it without autoplay but couldn't. If anyone else can, please e-mail me the embed code. EL


This week I am in Jacksonville, Fla., which for all intents and purposes is located in south Georgia.

This is a city where the food is diverse yet unified, and by that I mean different kinds of fish, fowl and miscellaneous all come together in the deep fryer.

Unfortunately, I’m probably not going to have the time to go out on a culinary tour in this land where the local cooks use a Fry Daddy like a French chef uses a sauté pan or a Chinese chef employs a wok.

I’m here on serious business; I’m here for my fantasy football draft.

I’ve been training hard this week and eating right, so I can’t throw it all away now in some orgy of oil.

Last week my wife secured a brisket from her brisket man (what, your wife doesn’t have a brisket man?) at

I did five pounds of brisket in about six days, and I feel like Rocky.  It is that kind of lean protein loading (OK, I didn’t trim off the brisket’s fat cap) that is going to get me through all 14 rounds of the draft.

The draft will be over around lunchtime on Sunday. If I can’t get some fried food then, maybe I’ll celebrate with a trip to Stuckey's.