Real World D.C.: Meet Ty Ruff of Baltimore

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I've been hearing chatter for weeks now about how a guy named Ty from Baltimore was one of the eight people picked to live in the Real World D.C. house (at 2000 S St. N.W.), work together, have their lives taped, etc. I admit, I'm intrigued; I used to live up the street from the house. The awesome Beth of the love, elizabethany blog, who's following the Real Worlders around D.C. with a camera (and hanging out with them) so we don't have to, tells us:

"Ty's last name is Ruff. Attended Trinity College in Conn. after playing high school football at Gilman in Baltimore, MD."


(Added note: Fine folks at Vevmo say you can get the dish there, too. Here's the Real World forum. And @RealWorldDCNewz on Twitter says it got the sccop first -- nice work EVERYONE.)

Tyrell (at left, in front of D.C.'s "Secret" Safeway) graduated from The Gilman School, where he also ran track, in 2006 2005.

Some Web sleuthing on our part turned up a 2006 Washington Times article about Michael Steele quoting Ty:


"Mr. Simmons 'definitely represents the younger generation. ... He's a pioneer, and hip-hop has become one thing that defines black youths in this country,' said Tyrell Ruff, a 19-year old Baltimore native. ...

" 'Russell Simmons ... would definitely get some votes for Mr. Steele. If you look at black kids in the city, many of them would probably be wearing something he made,' said Mr. Ruff, a sophomore at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn."

I remember that Leah Gillingwater of The Real World Paris was a University of Maryland, College Park alumna (class of 2002). At least Leah got to go to Paris. Ty only gets to head 45 minutes south. What a raw deal, right?

Love, elizabethany isn't the only site keeping tabs on the group. Get more info on the current cast on Twitter. And Washingtonian magazine has a Real World map.

Anyone know Ty? Anyone digging his blue plaid shorts?

Photo of Ty Ruff courtesy of love, elizabethany.