10 Downing Street

Photo credit: Matthew Appleby

The White House has one.


Buckingham Palace has one.

Now, 10 Downing St., home of Britain's prime minister Gordon Brown, has one, too.


A vegetable garden, that is.

America's First Lady, Michelle Obama, visited with the PM's wife, Sarah Brown, in April and reportedly encouraged her to plant a vegetable garden around her official residence.

She took the advice and built a couple of modest raised beds around the residence, planting beatroot, tomatoes, parsnips and peppers.

The Brown's sons, John, 5, and Fraser, 3, have been busy in the garden, too. And the word, via Mrs. Brown's Twitter, is they especially like the strawberries.

Photo credit: Associated Press

Mrs. Brown told guests during a tour of her garden, "The Downing Streeet garden is one of the secret pleasures of life at No. 10, and I thoroughly enjoy spending time among the beautiful shribs and flowers."

She said her vegetable garden was so abundant that it supplies lettuces to the No. 10 cafe where staff members eat.

The British press is calling vegetable gardens "the latest must-have accessor for official residences."