I am writing this a few hours after San Francisco Giants lefty Randy Johnson picked up his 300th win, becoming the 24th pitcher in baseball history to reach that milestone.

(Sorry for closing the bar without warning Thursday. Blame the weather and the Nats' front office, not me.)


I have covered a no-hitter, a 3,000th hit and a 300th win in my career. I am still looking for a perfect game, a triple play and a winning August or September at Camden Yards.

You can't rush history, I guess.

I was talking with a colleague in the press box about whether the 6-foot-10 Johnson was the most intimidating presence ever on the mound. Bob Gibson might win that race, though Johnson, Dave Stewart and Goose Gossage have to be in the discussion.

That got me thinking: Who was the most intimidating Orioles pitcher of all time?

Jim Palmer was the best. But I am not sure he intimidated opposing hitters with his mere presence. Tim Stoddard was definitely a big guy who cast a daunting shadow.

Alan Mills sure had a greet scowl (and a solid right hook).

Maybe this is one for the old-timers to add their two cents.

Daily Think Special: Who was the most intimidating pitcher in Orioles history?

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