Tonight's So You Think You Can Dance results show opens with a verrrry sexy group number -- there's lots of writhing and undulating and even dancing on water-covered tables. It was choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin and Tabitha and Napoleon.

After the group dance, head judge Nigel Lythgoe acknowledges the tragic losses of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and, of course, Michael Jackson. He says that he himself went into dancing because of Michael Jackson, and they even air a bit of the "Thriller" video.


After the break, they get right started with results, bringing five couples to the floor. Asuka and Vitolio are first; they are in the bottom three. Brandon and Janette learn that they're safe. Randy and Evan are, too, thanks to their "cheeky" performance, as Cat puts it. Jeanine and Phillip? Also safe. In this group of five couples, that leaves Ade and Melissa, who eventually learn that they are also in the clear.

Karla and Jonathan were predicted to be in the bottom three by Nigel last night, and he is right. Caitlin and Jason and Kayla and Kupono are the last two couples standing, and one of them is in the bottom two. Kayla and Kupono are safe, and Caitlin and Jason are in the bottom three. (This means that Carla predicted the bottom three couples exactly right last night. By the way, thanks for guest blogging, C!)

The special guest dancer tonight is the Rage Boys Crew, a group of b-boys that is made up of, well, boys, some of whom are clearly in the single-digit age range. Very cute.

Then, it's solo time. Asuka has the usual awkward partner-dancer-doing-a-solo problem going on. Vitolio looks very strong but somewhat manic all over the stage. Karla shows about 10 times as much energy and range than she did last night. Jonathan does a lot of tricks, but his actual dancing isn't that exciting. Caitlin and Jason have to wait until after the break.

Caitlin, who also has a gymnastics background, manages to incorporate her tricks into, you know, actual dancing. Jason kicks butt.

The judges are excused to figure out who's getting ditched, and in the meanting, the Veronicas perform. The audio is a little funky during the performance -- some of it is really loud, some, not so much.

Cut time! Nigel calls Caitlin forward: "YOu are without doubt growing in confidence each week. We think you gave the best solo tonight." Whew, the Annapolis/BSA grad dancer is safe, though I think she was confused at first. Nigel says Karla was a little bit desperate tonight, falling out of pirouettes. He tells Asuka she is a beautiful performer, but they don't think she's growing in the competition, so she is out. That means that Oxon Hill, Md., dancer Karla is also safe.

Nigel says they weren't unanimous with the guys. He calls Vitolio forward, and says he doesn't always follow through, that they will expect bigger movements from him based on his preparation for said moves. Jonathan is told that last night wasn't good and that his solo was lots of gymnastics, but not enough dancing. Nigel says that Jason's solo also seemed desperate and didn't dance for his life, but he is good enough to stay. Nigel yells and says they need to hurry up because they are running out of time. Vitolio is safe, and Jonathan is out.

I think these two cuts are pretty good. I totally agree that Asuka didn't seem to show much growth and that Jonathan was full of tricks, but not enough dancing most of the time. What say you?

At the very end of the show, Cat announces that Fox is rebroadcasting the American Idol Top 13 from this season, which was all Michael Jackson tunes. This, by the way, is the first time Fox has ever rebroadcast an episode of AI.