Baltimore Sun

Looking at Vasquez and Born Ready

First, let me tell you the latest from Maryland guard Greivis Vasquez's road tour as he visits NBA teams.

*Greivis continues to work out for teams. Most recently, he attended a workout of some 10 clubs. His schedule has been pretty frenetic.


*He recently met Larry Bird. This was a big moment for him. The former NBA great is the Indiana Pacers team president.

*Vasquez hasn't made up his mind yet. "He's not leaning one way or another," said Stu Vetter, his former high school coach at Montrose Christian. "It's definitely going to come down to the last day or two."


The deadline to decide is two weeks away. One advantage to waiting until the very end is that it gives Vasquez some leverage.

Consider what happens if an NBA team covets Vasquez. If he is still seriously considering returning for his senior season, the team may need to up the ante to secure his remaining in the draft.

Having said all that, I believe Vasquez will likely remain at Maryland. One reason is the abundance of quality point guards in this year's draft. Another is that Vasquez feels at home at Maryland. If he believes it will benefit his draft position to come out next year instead of this one, that's what he will do.

So how does Maryland's recruitment of Lance "Born Ready" Stephenson -- the heralded guard from Brooklyn, N.Y. -- fit into all this?

After doing some interviews on the subject, I believe Maryland would be more tempted to take Stephenson (if he agreed to come) if Vasquez were to depart for the NBA.

Naturally, Maryland knows all about Stephenson's baggage -- the Internet reality show, the court case, the questions about whether he'd be a good teammate. Like the other potential suitors, Maryland must weigh those questions against what he'd bring to the court and how badly he's needed.

If Vasquez were to leave, the Terps could really be scoring-challenged. Consider that Maryland was 10th in the ACC (conference games only) in scoring last season. And that was with Vasquez leading the team in scoring, rebounding and assists.

Without Vasquez or Stephenson, it's hard to imagine the Terps keeping pace in the conference. Sean Mosley, Adrian Bowie and Eric Hayes are good guys and hard workers, but they'd struggle by themselves to put the sort of pressure on a defense that an ACC backcourt should.


Should be an interesting two weeks. By the way, the precise deadline for Vasquez to decide is 5:00 in the afternoon on June 15.