Are gas prices making you change your ways?

The Sun's Mike Dresser wrote today about gas prices going up. They are lower than last summer but are rising faster than any then they ever have. Since the beginning of the year, prices have gone up 63 percent to $2.58 for a gallon of regular. That was a steeper climb than last year's climb over $4. And it sounded like there was some belt-tightening going on to compensate.

I'm interested in other ways people are responding. Are you riding the MARC train to Washington instead of driving, or do you notice more people aboard?


The buses now have bike racks on them, thanks in part to the effort of One Less Car, a group that advocates for transportation althernatives. Are people using them?

The state is working on connecting all the bike-pedestrian trails around Maryland and has made some progress on paths such as the Gwynns Falls Trail. There are even some city roads marked for bike commuters around town. This get anyone on a bicycle?

In the fall, the city is also is a unveiling its new Charm City Circulator bus that will pick up commuters in neighborhoods around downtown beginning in August. The buses will use clean energy. Will anyone ride?

There are many more choices in smaller and more fuel efficient cars, such as the Smart  and Prius. And Congress is considering that Cash for Clunkers deal where the government will give you money to trade in your gas guzzler. Will this cause a bump like the cash for buying a house did?

So, you pondering any big changes because of gas prices? Or do you think the high prices will make less environmentally minded Americans change to more eco-friendly alternatives just for the savings? Does the reason matter? What's it going to take?

Baltimore Sun photo