I am officially back from Kansas City, where the barbecue joints are a little wealthier.

This was my first road trip with the team this season, and I like to travel -- on occasion anyway -- because it provides a little more one-on-one time with the players that's not available at home because of the larger media contingent.


The trip confirmed my belief that this is a pretty good clubhouse. You may not notice a change in the on-field play, but there definitely are some nice additions from a personal standpoint.

Of the new guys, all seem to be pretty easy-going and accommodating. Catchers Gregg Zaun and Chad Moeller and infielder Ty Wigginton are particularly good when it comes to talking about baseball. They are all veterans, so I guess that is to be expected.

Starters Brad Bergesen and Rich Hill both have a chance of being pretty good quotes as they get more comfortable.

But that's how we, as journalists, look at things. Fans have a whole different criteria for judging new players -- and much of it has to do with on-field performance.

I want to know who is your favorite new Oriole so far in 2009. I have to ask this question now because, within the next few weeks, I think your answer might change. And there might be a unanimous pick.

So let's discuss it now while this club is Matt Wieters-less.

Daily Think Special: Who is your favorite new Oriole so far this season? Why?