More violence from Belvedere?

The owners of Suite Ultralounge at the Belvedere in Mid-Town are appealing a decision by the liquor board to revoke their bottle license, even as reports of more violence are blamed on the night spot.

The hearing is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. today at Baltimore Circuit Court, 111 N. Calvert St., in Room 403.


The Liquor Board revoked its license after several incidents of violence, including a shooting, were linked to it. It is one of, if not the, last bottle club in the city, which essentially are BYOB bars. Residents of the condo and neighbors have long complained that the club didn't fit into the historic building and neighborhood.

Below are some chilling tales posted as neighborhood crime alerts. Both occurred Saturday night, according to the victims, and I have inquires into city police and will advise:


From a female victim:

As I walked north on Charles Street towards the train station last night just before 11:30, I was assaulted from behind and struck several times. As I turned to face my attacker a group of young females started to chase me. I ran across the street towards Brewers Art. The girls chased me across the street and continued to assault me by choking me from behind, and striking me. I believe someone outside of Brewer's Art finally saw what was happening and yelled at them but I am not sure as I was somewhat dazed at this point.

A gentleman on a Segway and the employees at Brewer's Art called for the police several times. The employees of Brewer's Art kindly offered me ice while we waited for the police to arrive. The "police" who were on the scene (they were wearing badges around their necks and plain clothes - whom I'm told were off duty and working for a club in the basement of the Belevedere) asked if I needed an ambulance but when I said "no" they simply walked away.

[I checked with Baltimore Police spokesman Anthony Guglielimi and he told me police are aware of this incident, but the people the victim encountered were private security, not city police officers, who are banned from working overtime and off-duty shifts at bars and nightclubs]

While we waited for police who were on duty, someone mentioned that they saw a few of the assembled young people putting a baseball bat into their car. After some time the crowd across the street dispersed and the gentleman on the Segway (the only eye witness to step forward) gave up on the police's arrival, as did I. A young man called a cab for me and I went home.

This morning I am badly bruised and swollen and quite upset that an area I considered safe has been overrun by throngs of young people with nothing better to do than randomly attack people on the street.

I'm told that this crowd of young people is now a regular occurrence in the area because of an all ages club I'd never heard of in the basement of the Belevedere (This morning I've googled this place, is this the Ultralounge?).

This morning I have learned from friends that this situation has been escalating for some time. However, now these young people know they can get away with such behavior and the next person they randomly attack will most likely not fare as well as I. I would suggest doing something about this situation before one of your neighbors or patrons gets killed.


I will certainly think twice before going to any of the establishments in the area and I will certainly share my story with everyone I know!

From a male victim:

I was told that you would like to hear about the attack on me on Saturday. First of all, if you were the one who rode in the ambulance with me, thank you so much. Also, thank you for caring enough about the people of the city to focus some of your time on making it a little safer for people to live their lives.

As far as the assault goes, I will give you what I can because I don't quite remember everything.  It happened on St. Paul Street between Chase and Biddle in front of the New Refuge Church. I passed a group of young African American individuals standing on the stairs in the alcove of the church (not sure how many but I am fairly certain there was one girl in the goup). I was heading North on. St Paul (church on my left side), west side of the street. I was walking north and I remember one of the people in the group sprinting past me on my left--at this point things get a little bit hazy. The next thing I remember is leaning up against the wrought iron fence of the church courtyard and someone helping me to sit down somewhere and somone else offered me water. I couldn't see anything when I came off the fence. Then someone called 911 and called me an ambulance. Someone in the ambulance asked me if I had anybody I could call  and I gave them [my friend's] number.

Went back to the scence yesterday which helped put some of the pieces together. There is a very large bloodstain on the sidewalk along side the church garden. I can only image that it is mostly mine. There are also several blood splatters and blood spots including the spot where I remembered holding onto the fence.  We found a tooth--don't know who it belongs too.  I took it to the dentist but they didn't examine it any further than saying it wasn't good for further use.

In terms of my injuries: I have a large gash completely circling my left eye (Katrina wonders if I may have been hit with a rock), lacerated lip over 12 stitches to close, am missing two of my front teeth and a 3rd was broken in half. I need maxillofacil surgery. I have a contunsion behind my right ear where they must hit me from behind when I wasn't looking -- which leads to neck and back pain.  As far as my han ds and arms, I have several gashes and scrapes on my hands that are most likely defensive wounds and from holding onto the fence.


I have pictures of my injuries from 12 hours after the incident as well as pictures of the scene the next day. I can also narrow the time frame within which it happened as I texted [my friend] at 11:00:58 and the attack time should have happened right after that and be recorded by the dispatcher. You called her at 11:44 and she meet me at the hospital at 12:15.