Is Kate Gosselin TV's new model of motherhood?

With Mother's Day just around the corner and Kate Gosselin being schmoozed up on CNN's Larry King Live Thursday night, I couldn't help thinking: Is this TV's new top mom? Has Kate Gosselin become the epitome of motherhood on television?

I know, scary thought. My boomer generation grew up with with the image of June Cleaver in pearls, full makeup and an evening dress standing over the stove as Wally and Beaver came home from school on Leave It to Beaver. We had Donna Reed as the perfect TV mom, too.


And now, there's Kate. And if Kate is not TV's new top mom, who is? Kate has a hit show and a best-selling book, and Larry was sure giving her the big-star treatment.

But if June Cleaver represented the passive, repressed, housebound, 1950's mom, what does Kate represent with her large brood, constant kvetching, passive-aggressive husband and control issues? And if Kate is the paragon of motherhood today, and what does that say about us?


..."M" is for the million ways Jon irks her ...

Look at the way Larry celebrates her in the opening, and the way she talks about what I believe is a tabloid phony "scandal" that will only boost ratings for Kate's hit show on TLC:

LARRY KING: Let's go to our first guest, Kate Gosselin.  She's in New York.    Her family's life is chronicled on the TLC reality series "Jon and Kate Plus 8."  She's been with us before.  It's lovely -- lovely looking, Kate.  It's good to have her with us.  She's author of a terrific new book, already a best-seller, "Eight Little Faces: A Mom's Journey."  There you see its cover. What a wonderful family. She's got this charming book out.  The sextuplets turn five on Sunday -- Mother's Day.  What an appropriate time. Yet the big buzz is about the tabloid allegations about her husband, Jon.So let's take care of that first. What's the situation. How are you coping?

KATE GOSSELIN:  The situation is the tabloids are going crazy again.  You know, it's a result of our situation -- our very public lives.  We, as you know, have a reality show.  Everyone wants to know everything about us.  And I feel like this is a situation where, you know, you can't believe everything that you read.  You know that.  I know that.  And so we are dealing with it privately.  We are handling it one step at a time.  And I think the important thing to remember is that we love our kids to pieces.  They are safe and happy and healthy.  And of all times, their birthday is coming up.  And I'm just thanking God for five wonderful years with eight wonderful kids.  And, you know, we're just -- we're focusing on them.

KING:  That's a good idea. Now your kids, the sextuplets are turning five.  The twins will be nine. Are they aware of all this?

 K. GOSSELIN:  Fortunately, kids are kids.  It's a situation where, yes, Kara and Mady are turning nine.  They attend a very quiet, private school where, you know, people aren't paying attention to that.  They're investing their time in their kids' education and activities.  And, no, they are, at this point unaware.  But they are very aware that we love them very much.

 KING:  We have a statement -- your husband issued this statement: 

"These allegations are false and just plain hurtful.  As I adjust to the attention that comes from being in the public eye, I need to be more careful and aware of who I'm associating with and where I'm spending my time.  The bottom line is I did not cheat on Kate.  I'm sorry for putting my family in this awkward position, given some poor decisions and bad judgments I've made recently.  I'm working through this difficult time with my family and my family is my top priority. Do you know what he means by difficult times and bad judgment?

K. GOSSELIN:  Well, this is a situation where, you have to understand, we are a couple, we are a family who didn't set out to live, you know, the celebrity lifestyle.  We are living our lives like a normal family.  Cameras come in and film us.  And that, to the world -- to the public, makes us celebrities.I do not like that word.  I am not a celebrity....I am a mom and a wife.  And I feel that Jon is having difficult times realizing that, you know, you can't go to the grocery store without people whipping out their cell phones, calling everyone they know and taking pictures of you.  He is dealing very poorly with it.