Gang code deciphered

To follow today's raids by federal authorities and Baltimore police targeting gangs, you need a cheat sheet. And the feds, in their indictment make public this afternoon, provide a neat glossery of terms to help you follow along.

For the complete indictment, go here. Otherwise, have fun with the terms and the nicknames of the people indicted from the Pasadena Denver Lanes gang straight from the court documents:


PDL members often use a system of verbal codes to communicate with each other
and to signify their association with the Bloods or a set of the Bloods. Examples include the

a. "crab" is a derogatory term for a member of the rival Crips gang;
b. The letter "c"is often replaced with the letter "b" to represent PDL
members' disdain for the rival Crips gang;
c. "550" refers to a civilian, that is someone who is neither a Bloods nor a
rival gang member;
d. "999" or "Triple 9" refers to cooperating with law enforcement;
e. "Platinum" refers to a firearm;
f. "Baby love" is a reference to money;
g. a" 10-20" or an "SP" is a superior or a sponsor in the PDL organization;
h. a "pup" or "peanut" is a pledge;
1. a "Big Homey" is a leader;
J. a "911" is a PDL meeting;
k. a "stack" is a reference to $1000.00;
1. if a person is "on the menu" or "labeled food," that person has been
designated as someone who is going to be "eaten," meaning seriously beaten or killed;
m. "roscoes" is a term for police; rio to "roll" or "peter roll" means to kill or assault;
o. "twelve" means to talk;
p. "on point" means to be prepared for retaliation;
q. "red" means "right" or "understood";
r. a "mission" is a violent act;
s. a "birthday boy" is a person who is to be robbed;
1. a "birthday party" refers to a robbery, assault, or other act of violence to be
committed; and
u. a "Bloodette" is a female Bloods member.
7. PDL also created and maintained a hierarchical membership structure from senior
rank to junior rank. For example:
a. OOOG ("Triple OG"; "OG" is short for "Original Gangster")
b. OOG ("Double OG")
c. OG ("Original Gangster")
d. G .("Gangster")
e. OYG ("Original Young Gangster")
f. YG ("Young Gangster").


At times relevant to this Indictment, the following defendants were members of
PDL: TERRENCE RICHARDSON, a/k/a "Squeaky," a/k/a "Don," a/k/a "L-Don,"
EMILIANO AGUAS, a/k/a "Blikk," a/k/a "Two Times," a/k/a "Smurf," FRANK
WILLIAMS, a/k/a "Nitty," a/k/a "Kelly Lee," a/k/a "Lee Kelly," DEMETRICE GRIMES,
a/k/a "Murder," DERRICK TRUESDALE, a/k/a "Paperboy," ANTOINE REED, JR., a/k/a
"Wop," a/k/a "Owop," JASMINE MONIQUE SYKES, a/k/a "Jazzy," a/k/a "Jazzie," NICOLA
BRIGHT, a/k/a "Bola," CHRISTOPHER HARRIS, a/k/a "Duce," a/k/a "Du2e," AVON
BANKS, a/k/a "Cakes," a/k/a "Nutzo," RONALD ELZEY, a/k/a "Duff," ANGEL JOHNSON,
a/k/a "Montana," ERNESTINE COTTEN, a/k/a "Jersey," LARRY MITCHELL a/k/a "Gotti,"
" DEREK LIVINGSTON, a/k/a "Savage," ANTONIO WHITE, a/k/a "Fat Tony," JAMES
MCCUIN, a/k/a "Looney Reds," a/k/a "Loonie Reds," MARCUS BROOKS, a/k/a "MB,"
WEBSTER, a/k/a "Little Mama," a/k/a "Lil Mama," RUSSELL JONES, a/k/a "Nosebleed,"
a/k/a "Bleed," and ANTOINE DAVIS, a/k/a "Pusher," a/k/a "Pen."

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