End justifies the means on TNA Impact

I won't sugarcoat it. For the first 1 hour and 45 minutes of Thursday's TNA Impact, I was bored. There weren't any particularly good matches or angles, and watching Jeff Jarrett's home movies was about as exciting as watching your neighbor's home movies (unless, of course, you happen to live on the same street as Paris Hilton).

I hung in until the closing segment, however, and I was glad I did. The final installment of several "Day in the Life with Jeff Jarrett" vignettes that were played throughout the show saw a maniacal Mick Foley choking out Jarrett with an electrical chord as part of a violent attack on the TNA founder.


The angle was set up nicely at the beginning of the show with Foley holding up a DVD, which he said had some disturbing footage on it. He promised to play the DVD before the end of the program.

Video clips of Jarrett interacting with his young daughters and having a night out in Nashville were then woven into the show. They portrayed Jarrett as a likable single father and were intentionally mundane. When those scenes are juxtaposed with the final segment, the attack comes off as all the more brutal, Jarrett is all the more sympathetic and Foley all the more unlikable.

While effective, this type of angle is somewhat of a gamble because there's no guarantee that viewers will sit through the "Day in the Life" stuff to get to the payoff. It will be interesting to see the quarter-hour breakdown when the ratings come out.

Other thoughts on Thursday's show:

I've started to warm up to Don West since he has become a subtle heel commentator. This may have been his best performance, as his comments after the Jarrett clips were pretty funny. The best was when he said, "That was like water boarding." ...

Scott Steiner also turned in one of his finer efforts as a character, as he played the "modifier" in the Sharmell-Jenna Morasca feud. Becoming less intense and injecting some humor into his persona have made him more entertaining and less one-dimensional.

The ominous music playing during Sting's promo was hokey and took away from what he was saying. I don't think promos need a soundtrack. ...

Brother Ray told a fib when he said that Team 3D left "that other company" because they were tired of wrestling the same tag teams all the time. That's funny, because I recall WWE choosing not to renew their contracts during a roster purge. By the way, that was an odd jump-cut during The British Invasion's attack on Team 3D. I not sure what purpose it served. ...

I'm on record as being a fan of Jeremy Borash's participation in skits, but he may have been a little overexposed here. Speaking of which, is there really such as thing as nude karaoke in Nashville? ...

I'm also on record as being a Daffney fan – and I especially like her more violent psycho character – but the restaurant scene with her, Taylor Wilde and Lauren was pretty bad. You haven't lived until you've heard Lauren say, "I'll cut you" as she holds up a broken shard of glass. ...

The Foley-Samoa Joe-Eric Young deal was weird. Young and Joe are both babyfaces but they were acting like heels. Young was complaining about not getting opportunities, so Foley put him in a match with the ultra-violent Joe, who destroyed Young. Young came off as a whiner and a wimp, and Joe came off as a nasty bully. So who was I supposed to be rooting for?

Hey, Cute Kip, thanks for coming.