From chanteuse Susan Boyle to Borgs in love, it was an eclectic week here at Caption Call. Click the link below to see if your funny captions won our contest.

I think it's safe to say the collective Internet audience is over "Britain's Got Talent" "celebrity" Susan Boyle. Will someone tell "The Today Show" that? Seems like every morning they have a story on her. We are not amused. (AP photo)


Hell, she has better looking mustache than I do and what's with those eye brows???
Submitted by Dennis Seabolt (We call that beetle-browed, Dennis)

"Come and get me boys"
Submitted by Tim

Swine flu itself isn't funny, but the mass hysteria behind it is kind of comical, don't you think? This little piggy from the Berlin Zoo in the Getty Images photo doesn't have swine flu -- we hope. He's too cute to be sick.

"'Washington Village', my eye!"
Submitted by Jim

no nasty floo findz me if i sleepz wif de elefunkz...
Submitted by D'oh! (Did you use a LOLcat translator, D'oh!? That's spot on!)

A man at an industrial technology fair in Germany shows off the EyeSeeCam, which helps guide the eyes and vision of the robot next to him. He's probably brainwashing the robot, then, to only have eyes for him. Everyone's captions were super funny, by the way. (Getty Images)

Android and Automata are hoping that their home state passes the same-cyborg marriage law soon.
Submitted by Phyllis Reinhard

Since when did Rosey the Robot and Wall-E start dating!
Submitted by D

Short Circuit Reference: Johnny 5 meet Jenny 5000
Submitted by Tim (You don't even know how much we love Johnny 5, Tim. Way to play to the judge!)

I only have photoelectric sensors for you...
When Harry met Sall-E, it was love at first byte.

Submitted by Patti

Mike Myers walks in a recent "Dressed to Kilt" fundraiser fashion show in New York City. Is he trying to start a new trend with the hockey jersey over kilt look? The ear flap hat really pushes the look into gaudy. (Getty Images)

Mike Myers' fashion sense always goes out the window when the Canadian and Scottish national hockey teams go head-to-head...
Submitted by D.Keefer

Although he is unflappably randy most of the time, in his attempt to be spokes-model for Canadian Club Scotch whiskey, Mike Meyers is turned off by the fashion faux pas of wearing socks made out of an Italian table cloth with a Blackwatch/Stewart kilt.
Submitted by Phyllis Reinhard (We're making good on our promise to give bonus points to "randy" captions.)

Even though he tried the time-tested "show a little leg to catch a cab" routine, the cabbies still wouldn't stop and all Mike caught was a cold.
Submitted by Pie Snelson


Hair shows come up with some pretty extravagant 'dos. The winning creation in this AP photo is from a New Hampshire competition.

Having his fashion design chosen as a finalist on "Project Runway" was a real feather in George's cap.
Submitted by Patti (We thank you for the shameless "Project Runway" plug.)

Ok gentlemen, the bid stands at $100. to have the next dance with this sweet young lady. Uh, no sir, you can't bid to just dance with just the hat!
Submitted by GMan

Be sure to flex your funny bone with today's photo of a picture-perfect bulldog. (AP photo)