Bucky does Baltimore

I'm excited. Are you excited? Bucky might come to Baltimore to eat. Some of his restaurant choices surprised me, some didn't. I did think it was a little disingenuous of him to say he would be going to Michael's because he had a recurring dream about it. He'll be going to Michael's because of the photo of the two-pound slab of prime rib that accompanied my review. Here's guest poster Bucky. EL
It is about that time of year when we start planning our summer vacation.  The possibilities this year are varied, because Kaikala’s family is visiting here; we don’t have to make that dreary trip to the islands. 

Potential destinations at this point are (from west to east): ...

Alaska – the only state I’ve never visited.

Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon – For having spent all my life in the west, you would think I would have seen these three places at some point, but I haven’t.  (This would be a nice trip because it doesn’t involve getting on an airplane.)
Baltimore and environs
– I need not explain this.

Oh, before y’all start voting, I should explain that Mrs. Bucky and I have an agreement that has served us well in our marriage:  I don’t try to run her life and I don’t try to run my own, either.  Which is to say that Kaikala will decide where we go.

I have a strategy, however.
Over the course of the last year, I’ve been taking notes.  I have developed the following list of restaurants — listed in no particular order — I intend to visit when I come there. (I'm including the thing about the place that struck me sufficiently to put it on my list.)
Sander’s Corner
(for a nice breakfast on the porch, which is the best place to eat breakfast)
in Fells Point (for tamales, because there’s nothing like a good tamale)
Daniel’s (jl’s recommendation for cheeseburgers; and on the long list of things I trust jl’s judgment about, cheeseburgers rank No. 2.)
Koco’s Pub
(for top-notch crab cakes)
Michael’s Steak & Lobster
(Even though I’ve never been to Michael’s, I’ve had dreams about eating there.  Recurring dreams.  How weird is that?)
Faidley’s (for more top-notch crab cakes)
Glass Grill
(for the food and the glass art)
oZ Chophouse (not to eat, just to see the rocks in the restroom sink.  I’ll have a scotch in the bar.)
On my last night in Baltimore and its environs, I’m eating at:
(I’m not eating foie gras because it is, you know, liver.  But I’m going there to give them my support.  I’m ordering big and tipping well, since I only get to Baltimore, on average, once every 25 years or so.)
The problem should be clear to those of you who are numerically-oriented.  There are nine restaurants on the list.  Dining@Large operates on the metric system.  There are no Top Nine lists, just Top 10 lists.
Against my better judgment, I’m going to let the Sandbox determine which additional place I should add to my list.  Once the list is complete, I’m trusting Laura Lee to map me out an itinerary of places to see while traveling from restaurant to restaurant.  When this entire project is complete, I’m going to put it on PowerPoint slides and present it to Kai, to lobby her that Baltimore is the place we want to go on our summer vacation.

(Photo courtesy of the U.S. Department of the Interior; photographer, Ansel Adams)

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