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ABC goes for the old: Cox, Grammer and Heaton

ABC announces a fall schedule today loaded with stars of former hit network shows -- Courteney Cox, Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton.

Cox, formerly of Friends, will star in Cougar Town as a single mother raising a 17-year-old son.


Heaton will also be playing a mom, this one from the Midwest and the middle class - hence the title, The Middle.

The most promising new series of the trio looks to be Grammer's Hank, which will feature the former star of Frasier as a one-time Wall Street player returning against his desire to a small-town home.


As you can see, there's a lot of "former" and "one-time" in the "new" ABC schedule. The most noteworthy cancellation is Samantha Who, but most analysts expected that to happen.

New series on ABC next fall will include a legal drama called The Deep End and yet another Jerry Bruckheimer production, The Forgotten, about a team of amateur sleuths who solve crimes involving unidentified victims.

There bwill also be new series involving remakes of the Witches of Eastwick and the 1980s sci-fi series V? That would be Eastwick and V, as the new series are named.

Better Off Ted, Castle and Scrubs will get renewals.

Not much to get excited about.