Sorry if it is hurting your eyes, but the lights are purposely dimmed here in the bar today. We're in somber mode. It's been a rough week in baseball.

First, the tragic passing of Nick Adenhart and now the news that Philadelphia Phillies' Hall of Fame broadcaster Harry Kalas passed away Monday in a booth before the Nats-Phillies game and former Tigers' pitcher Mark "The Bird" Fidrych died in Massachusetts.


Fidrych pitched the first game I clearly remember attending -- a July 4th O's win at Memorial Stadium in 1977. Eddie Murray homered against him.

I never interviewed Adenhart -- heard nothing but good things about him -- but I had the pleasure to both talk with and interview Kalas, as recently as last year.

A gracious man and an absolute pleasure to shoot the bull with. He was to Philadelphia what Chuck Thompson was to Baltimore.

I have cold Yuengling on tap and am raising the first to Kalas, who is being mourned by an entire region today.

I had another topic idea, but we'll skip it for now. In tribute to Kalas, here's what I want to know: Who is the best radio announcer left in the business?

I know many of you have XM Radio these days and listen to a lot of different broadcasters. That's a great thing for us East Coasters, because two of the best are on the West Coast: Los Angeles Dodgers legend Vin Scully and San Francisco Giants' Jon Miller (it's hard to see that "Giants" part, isn't it?).

You may not realize it Baltimore, but you've been as spoiled as it gets. You've had Ernie Harwell, Thompson, Bill O'Donnell and Miller, just to name four great ones. And now you have Joe Angel and Fred Manfra, pretty darn tremendous ones as well -- though, I admit, since I know the men behind the microphones, I may be a bit partial.

Kalas was certainly up there. In fact, in my hierarchy, Kalas was the second best active announcer, one step behind Scully and an inch ahead of Miller.

Here's to you, Harry. Hope you're grabbing a cold beer tonight with the other Harry, Chuck and the rest of the legends today.

Daily Think Special: Who is baseball's best active broadcaster? You can throw in TV if you like.