What was the best and worst development of spring training?

I made it down to Norfolk without a problem. At least if you don't count sitting on Interstate 95 without moving for 90 minutes a problem. People in Northern Virginia just call it typical.

I think I really want to see the Nationals get to the playoffs soon, just to reward those people for living in that gridlock. And this is coming from a guy who grew up a solid iron shot from an Interstate 695 on-ramp.


For those of you who commented, e-mailed me or cared, I didn't get a chance to download anything new for my ride – though I will when I come back. An Eels compilation CD and Jason Isbell's new one – which I'm learning to love – held me for much of the trek.

Koji Uehara is scheduled to pitch today, and I'm looking forward to seeing that as much as Norfolk's stadium. I like checking out ballparks, and I'll give you a quick review of it soon.


This will be my last glimpse of the Orioles before Monday, when I hear they are taking on the New York Yankees and some guy who used to play in the Balmer Catholic League. After reading your thoughts Thursday, I am confident it is going to be loud at Camden Yards. Mark Teixeira may want to find some Rafael Palmeiro Memorial Earplugs.

So since this is it for me, I'll give you my thoughts – in an awards form.

O's spring training MVP: Adam Jones. We've been hearing how he is ready to take the next step in his maturation. And if spring is an indication, it could be a good year in center field in Baltimore.

O's spring training Cy Young: Alfredo Simon. He showed up late due to visa problems as an afterthought in the rotation race and he ended up excelling while nearly every other candidate stepped backward. He allowed just two earned runs in 16 innings in Dave Trembley's Camp Competition.

O's rookie of the spring: No, not Matt Wieters. The guy who raised the most eyebrows was outfielder Nolan Reimold. The kid has big power – he hit four homers in 28 spring at-bats – and had a .406 on-base percentage. Wieters certainly was impressive, but it was expected. It's nice to see Reimold excel when the brass is watching.

O's comeback player: Chris Ray. Didn't allow a run in 12 appearances. He's back from Tommy John surgery.

O's shaft of the spring: Lou Montanez. He batted .340 and fanned only five times in 50 at-bats. But he never really had a chance to compete for a job. Don't cry for him; he'll be back up.

O's pitching disappointment of the spring: Hayden Penn. There were no excuses or mishaps this time. He had a shot, didn't grasp it and is now out of the organization.


O's hitting disappointment: Felix Pie. He struck out 12 times in 59 at-bats and batted just .237. Some are disappointed that he is going north with the Orioles. But this is the right move. Pie is out of options. He has a huge upside. A poor spring should not change the plan. Maybe in July, but not now. The other guys had minor league options available.

OK, that's my list. What's yours? You can give an answer for each category. Or we'll make it simple for you.

Daily Think Special: What was the best and worst development of the spring?