We're on decade two of our wall mural discussion -- for some it might feel like 20 years -- and I'm flummoxed.

I am confused, too.


To me, no scene captures the 1980s sports landscape in Baltimore like the Mayflower van moving the Colts away in a cover of darkness and snowflakes.

But many of our best customers here are threatening to boycott if we paint that image on the walls. And, as we know, I am a man of the people. Still, it should have a place somewhere, right? It defined a generation of heartbreak for sports fans here.

So, we'll paint the Mayflower van image in the men's room. You can do with it what you like in there (hey, I own the place. Someone else cleans the stalls).

I liked the Baltimore Blast suggestions – indoor soccer certainly was a big deal for kids around here. I spent my share of time at the Civic Center/Arena/To Be Named Again Later.

But if we aren't doing the moving van for the 1980s, we have to do the Orioles. They did win a World Series in the decade after all.

We're putting Eddie Murray rounding third base during Game 5 of the World Series after his second homer. I know Cal catching the final out has some support, but we aren't going there because ...

We're now onto the 1990s. And I have three suggestions: Ripken's 2131st game in 1995, the Orioles celebration on the last day at Memorial Stadium in 1991 and the Ravens first game at Memorial in 1996.

You can also add your own choices. As I showed with the 1970s and 1980s, I am willing to change my mind.

Daily Think Special: What 1990s Baltimore sports moment should be immortalized in a wall mural at Connolly's?