I've thought long and hard about this. There were plenty of great suggestions for the 1970s Baltimore sports mural at the bar.

But I think Kevin OS is drinking for free today. Brooksie's dive is iconic. And O'Brien's kick was monumental for this town, signifying the last (real) Colts championship.


I gotta go with Kevin, though, and his suggestion of the 70s mural featuring the four, 20-game winners of 1971: Palmer, Cuellar, McNally and Dobson. It'll never be done again, and it not only represents the Orioles' dominance of the era, but the club's once strong commitment to pitching.

So that's the 70s. The quartet joins Brooksie's 1966 leap and The Horse's 1958 plunge on the walls.

Now, to the 1980s.

If you're visiting the bar for the first time, we are painting the walls with murals that capture each decade (since 1950) of sports in Baltimore. One image only (although we can cheat if we have to, but I am trying to be honest here).

Remember this was the decade in which the Orioles won their last World Series. So you could have a shot of Eddie Murray hitting one of his two homers in Game 5. Or Cal catching the last out. Or Rick Dempsey waving a towel and stirring up the crowd.

Or you can go with what I think was the defining moment of the decade in this town. Yep, the Mayflower van leaving in the snow.

Hey, people are going to drink whether they are happy or mad. So I'm OK with slapping some pain up on the wall.

You tell me.

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