The Conversation: Mock draft, Ravens up!

With a whopping 12 picks left to project, Ken Murray and Childs Walker are staggering down the home stretch. They felt reasonably confident about their top 10, a little less so about 11-20, and now, who knows? But fear not, gentle reader, they've given whole minutes of thought to whom the Ravens will select at 26. Push on to find out.

21) Philadelphia Eagles


Childs' pick: Andy Reid let his starting tight end go to Baltimore. Now, he gets to fill the spot with the best all-around player left on the board, Brandon Pettigrew. Reid loves to draft lineman and hey, Pettigrew can really block in addition to catching passes.

Ken's pick: The Eagles may be sitting on this pick to see who drops. If RB Knowshon Moreno drops, he's an easy choice. If not, the Eagles could take UConn's Donald Brown, or they could package the pick in a deal for disgruntled Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin. All three moves would improve the team.

22) Minnesota Vikings


Childs' pick: Minnesota could go receiver, linebacker or tackle, so this is a possible destination for Darrius Heyward-Bey. But the Vikings will opt to solidify the right side of their line with tackle Eben Britton. I know it ain't glamorous.

Ken's pick: If Darrius Heyward-Bey doesn't go to Oakland at 7, as rumored, he will likely fall to the 20s. This is one of his potential landing spots. He will have to hope the Vikings find a quarterback before the season.

23) New England Patriots

Childs' pick: Bill Belichick loves having versatile playmakers to stick in the middle of his defense. Rey Maualuga is such a player. I sense a perfect marriage.

Ken's pick: The Patriots need linebackers. Rey Maualuga is the next linebacker in line, and he will make New England very, very solid up the middle.

24) Atlanta Falcons

Childs' pick: They traded for an elite tight end, so they no longer need to hope for Pettigrew to drop. That means they'll draft defense. I'd be tempted to take Vontae Davis, the best cover corner in the draft. But the Falcons will look inside to tackle Peria Jerry. If Jerry is gone, they'll take a productive, high-effort alternative, Evander Hood.

Ken's pick: Having traded for Tony Gonzalez, the Falcons can devote their draft to defense. It should start with defensive tackle Peria Jerry, who is a steal at this spot.

25) Miami Dolphins


Childs' pick: Bill Parcells knows that Vontae Davis is too good to pass up at this spot. The Dolphins need a guy like him in the secondary, and most of the more appealing up-front options are gone. I can't see Parcells shrinking from his alleged character issues.

Ken's pick:  I agree with Childs that the pick goes for a corner, but I don't agree with the corner. I like Darius Butler of UConn because he's more athletic with better ball skills. He may not be as physical, but he's not the headache that Davis will become.

26) Baltimore Ravens

Childs' pick: With Percy Harvin and Darrius Heyward-Bey still on the board, the Ravens have their shot to pair Joe Flacco with a big-play threat. Or do they pick Kenny Britt, a bigger target with fewer questions about his hands? Given Flacco's big arm and the presence of underneath receivers Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton, Heyward-Bey's speed is too great to pass up if they keep the pick. My gut, however, says they wouldn't take him and would trade down if presented with these options.

Ken's pick: In previous mocks, I've taken Heyward-Bey and Maualuga. In this version, I'm presuming both will be gone. No problem. If they like CB Vontae Davis despite his issues, they can have him. But I pick Kenny Britt, the big, fast wide receiver from Rutgers. If they can get a trade partner, they may trade back to the top of the second round, though.

27) Indianapolis Colts

Childs' pick: The Colts need a defensive tackle. Evander "Ziggy" Hood lacks star potential, but there are few questions about his effort or dependability. He's a good fit for a team always looking to win now.

Ken's pick: It would be interesting if somehow Heyward-Bey were still available (yes, that means the Ravens would pass). It would be the perfect place for him. But since I have already had him taken, I'll go with chalk again and Ziggy Hood, the Colts' kind of defensive lineman.


28) Buffalo Bills

Childs' pick: They'll take Eben Britton if he's on the board. But with Britton and all the good defensive linemen gone, they'll decide that Beanie Wells is too great a talent to pass up.

Ken's pick:  After trading LT Jason Peters, the Bills are in serious need of a tackle. Eben Britton is still available on my board, and he's the pick.

29) New York Giants

Childs' pick: I could see them picking Kenny Britt as a potential replacement for Plaxico Burress. Harvin is tantalizing. They need a linebacker as well, but the obvious first rounders are gone. Britt's size-speed combo will win out over Harvin's highlight-reel potential.

Ken's pick: I don't have answers for why WR Percy Harvin has fallen out of favor -- if it's true -- but the Giants can't pass up a playmaker like this. He can revive the passing game.


30) Tennessee Titans

Childs' pick: They need a receiver as well, and Percy Harvin is too gifted to leave on the shelf at 30.

Ken's pick: Hakeem Nicks would be a nice fit here, but the Titans also need a cornerback. Vontae Davis is a great value at this position.

31) Arizona Cardinals

Childs' pick: They need a running back to replace Edgerrin James. Donald Brown doesn't look like a superstar, but he does a lot of things well and was extremely durable and productive in college. He will help Arizona right away.

Ken's pick: Moreno isn't going to drop this far. Neither will Wells. so the Cardinals will settle for RB Donald Brown of UConn. Brown and Butler, by the way, would be the first two first-round picks ever for UConn.

32) Pittsburgh Steelers


Childs' pick: The Steelers will draft an interior offensive lineman. Eric Wood can play both center and guard. So can Max Unger. I'll take Wood by a nose.

Ken's pick: For the sake of argument, I'll go with Max Unger.

And with that, we exhale and wish you good day and merry mocking.