Tea party movement picking up steam

In case you haven't heard, people across the country are gathering on Wednesday (Tax day, April 15) for symbolic "tea parties" to protest government taxation and spending, though people seem plenty hopped up about various other issues, too. Several are planned in Maryland. In the last few days, we've been getting phone calls and e-mails from people trying to get the word out, a couple of which I'll post here.

Today, I got an e-mail from Ken J. Bower, who apparently doesn't share the aversion to government spending that many in the tea party movement have but is plenty upset about other things. He wrote:


Also, I've gotten a couple of phone calls and e-mails from Betty Nottrodt, a 76-year-old Towson woman, who can't make it to one of the tea party events but plans instead on tacking 95 theses on the door of her congressman's local office. When last I heard from her, she'd gotten up to 70, which I've pasted below the jump.

1. Why are you taking our money and giving it to other people without our consent?

2. Why are you taking our money and giving it to other countries which are not our friends?

3. Why are you taking more of our money than is needed for legitimate purposes of government?


4. Why have you interfered with a once superior system of education?

5. Why have you usurped the rights of the state?

6. Why have you usurped the rights of parents?

7. Why do churches not have the right to express opinions about subjects vital to their function?

8. Why are the lives of criminals more important than the lives of the unborn and the just-born?

9. Why are illegal aliens preferred to American citizens?

10. Why is bad behavior subsidized?

11. Why is responsibility punished by high taxation?

12. Why is Guantanamo closing?


13. Why are counterproductive regulations written by uninvolved bureaucrats?

14. Why are you passing bills that you have not read?

15. Why are you inventing words, i.e. anti-Islamic activity when you mean Islamic terrorism?

16. Why are you protecting the porn industry?

17. Why should I find it necessary to take time away from my pursuits to make this list?

18. Why was our January gas and electric bill $582 so that the caribou in Alaska do not have to look at a pipeline?

19. What are the advantages of socialism/Marxism over American democracy?

20. Why has there been no investigation into the current devastating financial crisis?

21. Why are those responsible still in office instead of jail, where we certainly would be for lesser crimes?

22. Why does the "stimulus bill" stimulate government and corrupt officials but not the people?

23. Why is carbon dioxide, which is necessary to life, considered a pollutant?

24. Why is carbon, a vital component of all living things, regarded as poison?

25. Why do "international" treaties require the unilateral compliance of the US?

26. How does the US benefit through membership in the UN?

27. What do you see wrong with the Constitution?

28. Why is this document not taught in our schools?

29. Why have you allowed environmentalism to become a religion hostile to human progress?

30. Why do millions die of malaria because of the ban on DDT?

31. Why are university students allowed free speech only in certain restricted areas?

32. What are the advantages of citizenship (of the US)?

33. What are the responsibilities of citizens?

34. Are illegal aliens absolved of all responsibilities?

35. Why are there 9,000 earmarks in the "stimulus" bill?


36. Why has the government destroyed black families with welfare?

37. Why does our country belong to and/or support anti-Semitic organizations?

38. Why is the US rebuilding Gaza?

39. Why is the tax code not understandable to the average citizen?

40. Why does Congress not represent or respect the individual citizen?

41. Why are Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, and Charlie Rangels still in office?

42. Why are your "plans" and "packages" so unsuccessful?

43. Why is the moral base of this country dissolving?

44. Why are the same people allowed to stay in office for so long and why are their children and grandchildren then allowed to take over?

45. Isn't that nepotism?

46. Why are traditional American values not taught in schools and are consequently unknown by a large segment of the population.

46. How many zeroes and commas are now in our national debt?

47. Why are facts not important to the Congress?

48. Why can't we defend ourselves with guns?

49. Why is the government hostile to small business?

50. Why are US designated terrorists allowed to publish in major newspapers and magazines in this country?

51. Isn't that treason?

52. Why is truth in government nothing more than a distant drum?

53. Why can individual citizen taxpayers not be "bailed out"?

54. Why is solid evidence not considered before passing a bill?

55. Why is government intervention the precursor of failure, i.e. in housing, banking, education, the free market, health, to name a few?


56. Why have you not addressed the culture rot and moral degeneration that is ruining our entire society at home not to mention our image abroad?

56. Why is race always your overriding consideration, to the exclusion of character?

57. Why have you not protected our borders?

58. Why have you supported the teachers unions over parents and children?

59. Why are felons retained in government?

60. Why are you raising taxes when everyone knows that low taxes generate more jobs and more government revenue?

61. How can you sleep at night?

62. Have you read the Bill of Rights?

63. Do you believe that the rule of law applies to illegal aliens also?

64. Should our wealth be equalized?

65. Would you like Iran for a next door neighbor?

66. Should we have an army or will "diplomacy" suffice?

67. Is an American identity important to you?


68. Why does crime have no consequences?


69. Why do only democrats have freedom of speech?

I've run out of time; more later.

70. Why are amendments to the Constitution no longer relevant?