Sports' train wrecks: You had to be there

Among our five daily links today -- Updated daily! Just look to the right of your screen! -- is a column from Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic that reflects on the good fortune enjoyed by a generation of sports fans who've witnessed Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

I've thought about this before. I've thought about how cool it will be to someday tell my grandchildren about the superhuman athletic achievements of my era. But there are some things I'm not sure I'll be able to explain. Maybe you had to be there to appreciate Ali, MJ and Tiger. But there are others who I'm certain future generations won't be able to appreciate.


Unless you lived it, you can't understand:

-- O.J.


-- Tonya Harding

-- Pete Rose

-- Dennis Rodman

-- Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens

-- John Daly

-- Jose Canseco

They're the train wrecks that define my generation's sporting world, and believe me, years from now it'll be a lot easier to explain Tiger to someone than John Daly. And like any wreck, I can't look away, which is why I DVR'd Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. The undisputed heavyweight champ of unpredictable was scheduled to appear. But...

"He was supposed to get on a flight in Vegas," Kimmel explained. "But didn't."

Later in the show, a graphic appeared on-screen, which read:

Why did Mike Tyson cancel tonight's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live?

A. Scrapbooking class ran long.

B. Couldn't get teeth through airport security.


C. Was eliminated from American Idol.

D. Because he's Mike Tyson.

Yep, that about sums him up, doesn't it? Because he's Mike Tyson. I'd love to get to a point in my life where no matter what I do, everyone just shrugs their shoulders. It's like when Marmaduke steals the doughnuts from the table. Or when the Beaver comes home from school covered in mud. Or when Manny Ramirez does or says anything whatsoever.

While you think about which sports train wrecks I neglected to mention, there are three classic Tyson-Kimmel clips worth watching. Below is Iron Mike singing the "Monster Mash," and after the jump are videos of Tyson singing "Winter Wonderland" and also sharing with us his pigeons.

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