Sloganmania: And the winner is...

Got dozens of responses to my call for your best Orioles version of the classic Boston Braves lament "Spahn and Sain and pray for rain." The panel of judges -- me -- carefully considered every entry and here are the winners:

1. "Guthrie and Koji and pray for snowji" -- Matt from Yorktown.


2. "Guthrie and Uehara and say sayonara" -- Several posters.

3. "Guthrie and Koji and grab the NattyBohji" -- Timothy Morris


4. "Koji and Jeremy; the other three scare me." -- Al East

5. "Guthrie and Koji and... Wait a second... Isn't Koji the guy with the 7.20 ERA?" -- b

6. "Jeremy and Koji and then we imploji" -- Eddward

7. "Minus Hendrickson and Eaton, we can't be beaton" -- Anonymous

8. "Guthrie and Koji, then three guys who blowji" -- Dave

9. "Guthrie and Uehara and send more scouts to Guadalajara" -- fox

10. "Jeremy and Koji-san, then prey for Bergesen!" -- Mike