Saturday lunch at the bar

For some reason this seems to be lunch week for my guest posters, at least for two of the three. I like this game. Here's Bucky. EL


So three of us were having lunch at the bar on Saturday, and my friend Paco proffered this wager:  that I couldn't come up with five first names for people that were also food terms. ...

The conditions he attached to the bet were a) that the names couldn't be brand names — as in, for example, Oscar Meyer — and b) the names and food terms had to be in English.  I have no idea why Paco made this English-only stipulation, because none of us speaks a foreign language anyway.  He's just not a very trusting person.


He suggested five minutes for five names would be appropriate.  I took the bet.  I, of course, always take the bet.

The first three were easy and took me, maybe, a minute.  "Patty"…"Frank"…"Chip".  (After I said, "Frank," JMT said, "Frankenstein…like, a hot dog and a beer."  That was a good one, but it didn't count.  I had to do this with no outside assistance.)

At about the three-minute mark, I came up with "Chuck."

About a minute later I got "Pam," as in the non-stick spray.  However, we had to take a timeout to discuss whether Pam is a food term, a brand name or an acronym.  This discussion required ordering another round of beer.  We agreed to let Stacy, the bartender, be the arbiter.  She ruled against me, I suspect because she knows Paco tips the best of the three of us.  She decided it was a brand name.

So I was back to four correct answers and time restarted.

I racked my brain…precious seconds passed…Paco started a countdown, mostly, I think, to rattle me.


I closed my eyes and put my extended index fingers to my temples.  (That usually works, right?)



"SHERRY!"  I yelled it out.

"YESSSSSSSS!!!!"   I gave a big ol' Tiger Woods fist pump.

Stacy cracked up and drew me another beer, on the house.

I love Saturday lunch at the bar.