Q&A with the Ravens' Joe Hortiz

Joe Hortiz answered a few questions from The Baltimore Sun before working his first draft as the Ravens' director of college scouting.

What's the deepest position in this draft?


Hortiz: Offensive tackle is a pretty deep position. The question is how long it stays deep. There could be a run on them. There could be three or four in the top 10. So, all of a sudden, a position that's deep to begin the draft might get thinned out.

With the talent that exits with the junior class, wideouts is a deep position, too. There's also a good cluster of linebackers as a whole. Overall, the draft itself has depth. The board is kind of full in the middle.Who is the best quarterback in the draft?


Hortiz: I'm going to be speaking out of both sides of my mouth here. [Mark] Sanchez and [Matthew] Stafford are both good players. They're just different. Stafford has a really strong arm. So you could see him throwing the ball in the elements of the AFC North.

If you are in the AFC South, it might not be as big of a deal and you like Sanchez more because he is more accurate and has more awareness. It's really dependent on where you're at. I think Sanchez could play in any division, but I think Stafford will be better in the elements.

What's your biggest ritual on draft day?

Hortiz: I eat a bunch of sunflower seeds. My mouth is sore after two days of the draft from all of the salt. I'm not a big workout guy, but maybe I should start that this year. Maybe I should start working out before the draft and get a two-hour walk in. I'm not in cardiovascular shape to start jogging yet.

-Jamison Hensley