Q&A with Brian Billick

Former Ravens coach Brian Billick will be a draft analyst for the NFL Network this weekend. Here are some excerpts from this week's national conference call with the media:

What are your thoughts on the No. 1 overall pick?


Billick: The Detroit Lions situation has nothing to do with Matt Stafford or Mark Sanchez and how good they are. The Detroit Lions were 0-16 and all that comes with it. If you take a quarterback with the No. 1 overall pick with the history that has been shown, if you're the Detroit Lions, can you survive that? You can't consider that when you make your evaluations and go forward, but it's silly to think you can do that in a vacuum. It's a very interesting pick.

Is there a risk in drafting a quarterback coming out as a junior?


Billick: As you see Mark Sanchez go up and down the board, and move up the board because people seem to think he's pretty good. That fact that he -- on the flip side of that -- has had the one year. The Akili Smith analogy, I think that's got a lot of people concerned. Obviously, whether he comes out as a senior or as a junior, if you have at least two full years and that much tape to evaluate ... that's kind of a bonus. So I think that extra year -- having two full seasons -- is a substantial difference. ... A lot of people who like Sanchez are a little nervous because of the one year.Can you find running backs late in this draft?

Billick: Those second-day guys, you're all hoping there's a Terrell Davis out there someplace. What we're seeing more and more as a trend is a lack of willingness to take a running back early in the draft because I think this has clearly become a two-back running back league.

What's your impression of this wide receiver class?

Billick: Now, the two guys you might see a level of productivity (from are) Jeremy Maclin and Percy Harvin because they also might give you some return capability. But I don't know if there's anybody in this draft that you're expecting to come in and have an 80- or 90-catch year. It's a much tougher transition position for wide receivers than probably -- other than quarterback -- any other position.

How would you rate Bill Parcells' impact on the Miami Dolphins?

Billick: For me, the key to them right now is there's one voice. There is one plan. It doesn't mean it is total dictatorial. At the end of the day, he has a very clear vision for where this team is going, and everybody knows that. Everyone is going to chip in, but there's that strength at the top, and I think that's important. For other organizations, that can get diluted.

Photo: Getty Images