Baltimore Sun reporter Ken Murray ranks the best cornerbacks in the NFL draft:

1. Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State: His speed is the only knock; he's got everything else.


2. Darius Butler, UConn: Not as physical as NFL likes, but he's got speed, a good vertical jump and great athleticism.

3. Vontae Davis, Illinois: Skilled but inconsistent. Would've helped himself by staying in college.

4. Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest: Terrific ball skills and instincts help make up for his size (5-9).

5. Sean Smith, Utah: Versatile, 6-3 corner who, like Jenkins, might work better at safety.

Ravens' needs: Expect the Ravens to tap a corner somewhere high in the draft, although not necessarily in the first round. There are a lot of smallish corners who could play in the slot and work into a starting position. Even though the Ravens have numbers, you don't know whether Samari Rolle and Fabian Washington, two slightly built corners, can hold up over a full season.

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