Kate Gosselin vs. Susan Boyle -- you be the judge

I am hoping someone can explain this to me.

On Thursday, I did a post on Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer with the huge voice, whose YouTube video of her tryout on Britain's Got Talent became a global phenomenon. I had lots of video of her singing, of her being interviewed, and a nice little feature CBS News did of the village in which she lives.


And that post about this super talented but very modest performer did very well in page views and the number of comments it received.

But then yesterday, I posted a preview of Sunday night's TLC special, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Go Green, which focused on Kate Gosselin and her kvetching, and it drew more response than Boyle -- without video.


Here's my question: Could people really be more interested in Kate Gosselin than Susan Boyle?

I know both of these women -- at least what we see of them onscreen -- are tapping into deeper currents in national and world life. Kate is doing it as "super mom" with eight kids, while Susan is doing it with her lovely voice defying expectations some had of her based on appearance.

In a cynical and very dark time, Boyle is a ray of light. Listening to her being interviewed Thursday by Maggie Rodriguez and Harry Smith on The Early Show on CBS, I was struck by how her modesty and sense of being centered highlighted what patronizing, phony, empty-vessel types we have playing hosts on American network TV these days.

I know Kate serves as a lightning rod for gender and marital issues in the lives of people who watch. But Kate is neither modest not centered, and yet more people wanted to read and talk about her on this blog.

Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe readers feel they have to "set the record straight" and make sure people understand that they do NOT like Kate -- whereas all of the comments about Boyle were positive.

But I wonder if in these angry times we would rather read and talk about what makes us angry instead of what inspires us.