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Getting There: Begin the Blogging

Welcome to Getting There: The Blog, the place for the latest news on transportation – in Baltimore, Maryland the nation and sometimes the world. In this space, I will be covering topics including commuting, mass transit, tolls vs. taxes, travel strategies, highway safety, traffic law enforcement, Amtrak and BWI. I am hoping to foster a free-wheeling exchange with plenty of lively -- but good-natured -- give and take. You'll find news here as well as some opinions that won't reflect the views of The Baltimore Sun or its editors. Your host has a thick skin, and commenters are free to raise pointed questions about his sanity, intelligence, judgment and looks. But please note that the site is monitored and postings that veer outside the bounds of decorum will be omitted. Please include your name and hometown, which will be posted except when agreed otherwise. Don't include private information such as other people's phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Feel free to criticize public figures, but not your neighbors down the street. Even if they do drive like maniacs. And remember, friends don’t let friends pay Delaware Turnpike tolls. Bon voyage!

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