Ellen DeGeneres sells her clothes to help dogs and cats

Anyone who's ever longed to look like (or at least dress like) Ellen DeGeneres is getting the chance.

The popular daytime talk show host is cleaning out her closet for charity. She's selling some of her more memorable clothes, and some clothes worn by guests on her show, to benefit The Humane Society of the United States. "Whatcha Sellin' Ellen?" the eBay auction, runs through May 8.


She's described some things as "clean...ish," but that's unlikely to deter shoppers.

When we last checked, the top clothing item was the plaid shirt she wore for the Chris Matthews visit. It had 41 bids with the highest being $810. (This was from the infamous episode where Matthews "groped" DeGeneres in that became known as "The Incident." What really happened was a dance move went awry, and the Hardball host's hands landed in the wrong place.)

A basketball that Zac Efron autographed for DeGeneres is the hottest auction item so far at $2,375.

We're also partial to the Helmut Lang corduroy suit she wore for Barack Obama's visit in 2007; the Ellen and Britney Spears Go Caroling outfits from 2008, and the low-top Converse All Stars from Heidi Klum's appearance.

What we like most of all is that 100 percent of the proceeds go toward animal welfare.

Click here to check out the auction.

AP Photo/Dan Steinberg