From Yao Ming to President Barack Obama's bump to lazy sheep, we covered a wide range of silliness in Caption Call last week. Click the link below to see if any of your funny captions made the cut in our weekly recap caption contest.

We don't follow basketball, but we do know Yao Ming is super tall. So, true to life, the Madame Tussauds wax figure of Yao Ming in this Getty Images photo is super tall.


Call George Clooney, this guy has to be in Oceans 14
Submitted by Tony

"We finally were able to teach the Chiun twins how to play defense. Now if we can just get their lip movements to match what they're saying..."
Submitted by D.Keefer

This Obama fist bump didn't get nearly as many comments as President Bush's fist bump from so many Caption Calls ago. Maybe it's because Obama didn't look nearly as puzzled as old Dubya. Bonus trivia: The kid in this Getty Images picture is the son of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

President Obama shows Jimmy how to play "Rock, Paper, Pork Barrel". Of course, the pork wins everytime time...
Submitted by Jeff

On what will forever be known as Black Monday, Americans realized that President Obama was not so different than Bush after all.
Submitted by Cait (So much for change, hmm, Cait?)

Another day, another set of clowns protesting something or another. These jokers are angry about a recent NATO meeting. (Getty Images)

I didn't know that they were making a clown version of the Sopranos. Woke up this morning, got yourself a pie gun!
Submitted by D (A pie gun could be both dangerous and delicious, D. Way to make us hungry.)

Police go undercover at Ringling Brothers to once and for all catch Bozo speeding in his secretly souped-up clown car.
Submitted by Patti

Despite the accusations, rest assured fair Caption Callers, this Getty Images picture was not doctored using Photoshop. A Dutch farmer uses his moped to transport his sheep to the fields, claiming his land is too large to transport them otherwise. Get a herding dog and make those sheep run, darn it!

Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was kind of gray. Mary didn't walk to school, she got a ride today.
Lamby waited at the pub til school let out at 3, but Mary had to drive back home, 'cause Lamby drinks for free!

Submitted by Cait (Bonus points for rhyming, Cait)

Must be a "ewes'd" moped...
Submitted by Jim

The annual Popo Carnival in Bonoua must be a crazy place if people there are smoking out of their nose and ears. We've heard of people blowing smoke in certain places, but neither of those made the list. (Getty Images)

SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Smoking can lead to stupidity.
Submitted by Quinn

CAPTION CALL GENERAL WARNING: This is what happened to the last guy who came with a photoshop accusation.
Submitted by Cait


Omar wanted to be a dragon since he was a little boy.
Submitted by Phyllis Reinhard

Don't forget to leave a funny caption for the notorious Susan Boyle of "Britain's Got Talent" fame. You know you were thinking all last week of ways to make fun of her. Have at it!