So who will be the two casualties of disco week on this week's American Idol? We'll see in about an hour.

Host Ryan Seacrest says that more than 45 million votes were cast this week, the most this season. Sounds like lots of repeat voters, as usual.


It turns out that Paula Abdul choreographed the group dance. I guess because of the more complex dance moves, they are definitely lip syncing, but they handle the moves pretty well, even in their 70s-era finery.

Back from the break, Ryan's ready for some news, but the girls are still changing clothes. Whoops! It's OK -- they have plenty of filler, including the Ford commercial, to burn time with.

Lil Rounds is directed to the far side of the stage, but not to the stools, just to the side of the stage. Then, abruptly, Ryan tells her that she has been eliminated. She rallies quickly and sings "I'm Every Woman" again. The judges give her a standing ovation. Paula says she sang "brilliant" tonight and is going out on top of her game. (Paula, I still really want you to learn about ADVERBS!) Simon says he is a big fan and that he is going to miss Lil's family yelling at him every week. Hee hee.

Freda Payne then comes out to start off a medley of disco hits, starting with "Band of Gold." Um, I'm going to pull a Paula here and say that Freda looks fantastic and leave it at that. Thelma Houston is next with "Don't Leave Me This Way." She sounds better, but it's a little creepy when she sings, "Simon, please satisfy the need in me." KC from KC and the Sunshine Band hits the stage for "Get Down Tonight."

Kris Allen is safe. Adam Lambert? Safe. Danny Gokey joins the safety patrol. Anoop Desai is in the bottom three and has to go over to the Stools of Potential Doom. That leaves Matt Giraud and Allison Iraheta. Matt is safe; Allison is in the bottom three.

David Archuleta returns to sing "Touch My Hand." Afterward, Ryan drags him over to talk to Anoop and Allison. He's out of breath from having just sung but he manages to tell them that lots of people who haven't won the show are still living their dreams.

And the second outed singer of the evening is ... Anoop. He sings again, and he's actually a lot better this time.

Now it's goodbye montage time. Bye, Lil and Anoop.