Vasquez: Memphis would lose in ACC

Oops, someone missed the memo. You generally want to avoid providing material for the opposing team's bulletin board, right? Maybe that doesn't apply to No. 10 seeds who are taking on No. 2 seeds.

Here's what Greivis Vasquez said this afternoon when asked how Memphis would fare if they played in the ACC instead of Conference USA.


"They'd have a losing record in the league – probably win all of their games outside the league, losing record in the league," Vasquez said. "The ACC is too tough. You can't just win games night in and night out because you're so athletic."

He repeated similar sentiments a couple of times, and repeatedly called Memphis' conference "questionable."


It was a popular line of questioning from the Memphis reporters. Dave Neal was a bit more careful with his words, though he did suggest Memphis would be "fourth or fifth" in the ACC.

"When you're sitting around TV watching Memphis win 25 games in a row, you're thinking, 'Well, do they play as tough teams as we do?' Not to knock Conference USA but the ACC is the No. 1 rated conference in the country and we play against better competition," Neal said. "We're going to be ready tomorrow to show them what ACC basketball is all about."

Memphis players addressed similar questions when they met with reporters earlier in the afternoon. None of them declared C-USA better, and while many acknowledged the ACC is a tough conference, they aren't scared of Maryland

"It's really not a big deal about which conference they are in," said Memphis forward Shawn Taggart. "That's for everybody around the country boost us up and try to give us up hype, but we just have to go out there and win."

Antonio Anderson is a senior for the Tigers. He's heard the conference comparisons for four years now.

"It doesn't get us up any more. It's another game. Conference stuff is thrown out the window, the records are thrown out the window. Two good teams going at it. The NCAA tournament, we're trying to advance. We don't worry about what people say about our conference," Anderson said.

"We played in the national championship last year and the Elite Eight the year before. We know what we're capable of as a team. We don't pay that any mind.

John Calipari addresses the Memphis schedule right here. And Gary Williams mentions it right here.


Update: Just to allow Vasquez to expand a bit, he first addressed the C-USA-ACC matter at a news conference. Here is what he said there, according to a transcript:

"Our conference is pretty tough. I didn't mean to disrespect their conference. We have tough games night in, night out. Every game we play in the ACC is tough. Every team can beat any team. Georgia Tech beat Wake Forest when Wake Forest was No. 1 team in the nation or something like that. We beat UNC but, you know, I mean, our conference is tough. I think our conference, the Big East [are the] toughest conferences. But that's my opinion, you know. Their conference, I mean, you can say it's tough, but I think it's as tough as our conference. So they need to play against some good competition. We're pretty good. We'll see what happens tomorrow."