Khloe Kardashian is named project manager for Team Athena for tonight's task on Celebrity Apprentice, which involves creating a comic character to draw new customers into the Zappos.com web site. She says she's confused about why she's been named PM. Yes, she says, she has a clothing store, "but I'm not really familiar with online." Well, Khloe, "online" is where your sister Kim's sex tape got leaked and you're only famous because of her. So "online" is pretty much why you are considered famous enough to be on this show.

Team Kotu's PM is Scott Hamilton, who thinks he got the job because he was a voice of reason last task.


When Athena meets with the Zappos representative, they press for details about what appeals to him particularly, and he's pretty nonresponsive. Then he heads to Kotu, and Tom Green wants to know if humor is OK and then goes on a weird diatribe that pretty much ends the meeting.

When it's time to brainstorm on Athena, the women all talk over one another and Khloe doesn't take control at all.

Side question: Could T-Boz look more miserable?

Khloe tries to take control of her team meeting, but of course, Annie Duke jumps in and decides she is going to write the script. Melissa notes that her mom has actually won Emmys for her writing work, and Joan interviews as much.

In the men's room, Dennis starts talking about creating a transvestite character where a guy tries on shoes and clothes at Zappos and goes off on a weird tangent, with help from Tom Green. I don't think that's going to work.

Back at Athena, Annie is trying to work on the script -- and she is wearing SHORTS. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER? Khloe steps up and says they need to get back on track and create the character first. Just as she is making that point, the editor and artist show up to work on said character.

Claudia Jordan helped them come up the character, and Joan Rivers comes up with the name. When Donald Jr. comes in, Melissa Rivers takes over telling what the character and concept are and then claims them as her own in front of everyone.

Then it's focus-group time. Claudia pitches to them -- and it's all guys, all comic-book fans. A couple of them interview about how weird it is to talk comic characters with a Playboy Playmate (that'd be Brande Roderick). Someone says, "Was that a group of virgins or what?"

On the men's side, the focus group comes in, and Kotu tells all of them all their random (and bad) ideas. "We have a focus group and no focus," Scott Hamilton says. Afterward, they continue working on their concept, but they still don't have anything. More chaos!

The women's team learns that their model won't make it in time, so they decide to have Natalie Gulbis be the one in the costume for the presentation. Joan works with the costume designer, but she's mad that she isn't on the writing team.

The men's team keeps on fighting, and then finally gets an idea, which actually sounds remarkably like the women's idea. Tom talks and talks and finally Scott can't even process him anymore. They name her EEE, for Everything Everywhere Everytime. Or something.

Then the teams meet with their costume designers, but we don't get much time with them.

On Athena, they try to get their presentation written. But Claudia, who is supposed to present the story, has gotten really ill all of a sudden. Annie, of course, would never deign to go home, even if she was totally sick. Oh, sure, whatever.

Kotu works on the presentation, and Tom keeps talking and talking, and Scott just ignores everything he says. Now at this point, he starts questioning the name EEE, which is a fair question but it's a little late. Scott says Tom is his Achilles Heel. Tom is frustrated because he says he's a creative guy, but he doesn't seem to understand that he's been irritating everyone constantly.


The next morning, Scott asks everyone but Clint, Jesse and Brian to just relax while everyone else works on the presentation. But Dennis is there, too, and he's interrupting them while they continue to not have time. Clint Black won't let anyone talk, and everyone else is getting frustrated. Jesse has some really good points -- that they need to have conviction and not say "we think" and that they need to say things in the present tense -- he has obviously been his own sales man for his own products.

At the last minute, Scott asks Tom to be the narrator of their presentation, and he's confused but agrees. He says no one would let him do anything yesterday, and Herschel Walker says he's lying, and they spar for a while but nothing comes of it.

Finally, it's presentation time!

Athena is up first. Claudia Jordan comes forward to do the presentation and introduces Mizz Z (aka Natalie Gulbis). During the part when their storyboards are up, Claudia stumbles and fumbles all over her words. (She says she would give herself a C. That's pretty generous.) It was terrible to watch.

For the men's presentation, Tom narrates and kills it even though their concept wasn't that fabulous. The Zappos representative says he likes that the men focused on the customer but didn't like the focus on the letter E. He says the women's concept got the idea of their company culture and took advantage of the opportunity to own the letter Z, but that they stumbled in the presentation, particularly when their narrator kept saying "Zappo" instead of "Zappos." Yikes.

I still predict the women are going to win it because their concept made more sense overall and didn't have that weird "EEE" thing going on. But that presentation was bad, so who knows.

In the boardroom, Donald starts everything by saying that he is surprised because he heard that Khloe (remember her? Haven't seen her in a while) did a good job. He also says he heard that Scott and Tom didn't get along well. Scott says that the men asked him to be project manager, but no one can remember doing that. Tom says Scott never listened to him, Scott says he derailed them every time. Brian says his team has "seven chiefs," and it was trouble.

Joan says Khloe did a great job, but it took a while for her to take control because they also have a ton of chiefs. Joan says that she was asked to not participate in the script-writing and she and Annie get mad about it. Donald asks whose idea it was, and Melissa says it was her. Khloe says actually the base idea was Claudia's. They ask about Natalie wearing the outfit and how she felt. She says she didn't enjoy it, but she did it for the team. Donald Jr. questions her decision to make that clear in front of the Zappos representative, and she says that probably wasn't the best idea. Donald Sr. asks Brande why she wasn't in the outfit, but she really doesn't get a chance to answer before he starts asking how often she was on the cover of Playboy (answer: once) and then he shares that he tried to pick her up once and failed. She doesn't remember that and says he should have been more obvious. Donald Jr. says, "Oh yes, because he's so shy." Hee hee, score one for Donald Jr.

They look at one another's story boards and note the similarities. Natalie says the EEEs make no sense, when it should be Z. Scott tries to defend it, but Trump interrupts to say that Zappos liked some parts of their presentation. Tom goes back to the EEE situation and says he questioned it and tried to come up with more ideas. They mention Claudia being sick and her teammates say made her go home.

And the winner is: Athena, again. Guess we're stuck with Annie some more. Oh well. Tom and Scott, though, are in trouble.


Then it's boardroom time, Part 2. Scott continues to talk about Tom derailing them and Tom about how he was ignored. Tom says he fought EEE, and Donald asks if that's true. Scott says that Tom fought him every step of the way -- on everything. Herschel is asked who he'd fire, and he says Tom because he was acting up during the task. Brian McKnight says he would fire whoever came up with that name -- he says he was on the costume side, and the costume had a Z, not EEEs. Dennis Rodman says straight up that Scott should be fired. Jesse says he would fire Clint, and Donald is confused. Tom says he understands because Clint was a wrench in the gears and he yelled at everyone. Jesse says he argued with everyone and yelled at everyone, which makes working together difficult. He says he got up and walked away from Clint several times. Clint says he would fire Tom over Scott because he thinks he was "undermining Scott on purpose." Scott has to pick two, he asks two for sure? Donald says he should bring two, and Scott says he knows that means he should bring back two, but only one person should come with him, and that's Tom. Scott says he is bringing Tom and Herschel, the latter so he can be an advocate. Hmmm, interesting.

Trump calls them back in, and Scott says he thinks he made good decisions, dividing Tom away from others. Tom smartly questions would he rather have had him yelling at people like Clint and says that even as he got shut down over and over, he stayed positive. Trump makes Herschel leave since he's not going to be fired. Tom says Scott should be fired because he couldn't control the team. He says he himself could control the team because he knows how to work with people in a creative medium. Then the EEE is brought up again, as is the idea that Clint should have been brought in. All of a sudden, they start talking about how awesome Jesse is, which is random, but bodes well for him later in the show.

After the break, Scott is trying to explain that he wants to raise money for cancer so badly, and Tom speaks up to say that they are both cancer survivors, but Scott cuts him off. It's tough because you know that Tom has been interrupting him nonstop for two days, so Scott is just kind of over it, but because of the topic at hand, it makes Scott look really bad, which Trump pretty much points out. Tom says they are both survivors of testicular cancer, and Tom says, speaking for himself that has a result, he only has one testicle left. Scott doesn't really look like he wants to go into that much detail, but he gamely replies, "Together we're a set!"

Finally, they come back around to the major problem of the day: the name. So, Scott is fired.

Man, that was a LOT of going around in circles to get to what was a pretty obvious conclusion. Did anyone really think Trump was going to overlook that massive branding problem?

In the limo, Scott says he's bitterly disappointed, but he's a positive person, and he's getting back to raising money for cancer, spending time with his family and working on his career.