A week after Jessica, the model who said she had never been called ugly, was sent packing on America's Next Top Model, early favorite Nijah got the Chanel boot home.

This week started off with Tahila moaning and groaning about her self esteem. A quick call home to her sister seemed to clear that. Whew!


Next, the girls got some runway training with Miss J, and former contestants Bianca "I Got Into A Fight With the Star of Hairspray" Golden and Chantel Jones. I found it really funny that Chantel was brought back to talk to the contestants about runway walks when she had one of the most disastrous runway moments in Top Model history. (She caused a man in stilts to tumble to the ground when her gown tripped him. It cost her the Top Model title.)

Anyhoo, Miss J critiqued each of the contestants and gave them pointers for a later challenge — modeling in a Jill Stuart fashion show.

Natalie, who is a bit of know-it-all, bragged about her strong runway walk. Hate to say it, but she backed it up at the show and was voted best runway walker.

Later, the girls went on a photo shoot while on a NYC Tour Bus. The girls split into groups.

Aminat and Fo dressed as Wall Street power women. They did a really good job — especially Aminat, who had a terrible week last episode. Kortnie and Nijah dressed as artists. They were terrible. Celia and "Sinister" Sandra were nannies. They really looked absolutely fabulous. (Sandra might have a bad attitude, but home girl certainly took a great photo.) London and Allison were suppose to be socialites. (Think Cruel Intentions and Gossip Girl) Allison lamented that she didn't know how to be a socialite. (Can you say foreshadowing?) Tahlia, Natalie and Teyona were Times Square tourists. Tahlia did a pretty good job. I guess that pep talk from her sister really did the trick.

During the elimination the judges singled out Nijah and Allison, who clearly had the weaker week.
But good old Tyra Banks hinted that Allison was safe when she made a point of mentioning her wide-eyes and overall weirdness.

During her ceremonial hug goodbye, Tyra mentioned something about Nijah not having enough tension in her photos. (Can someone tell me exactly what that means?)