'American Idol' results: Top 9 revealed

I thought American Idol was on at 9, 8 central. But NO. It started at 8 Eastern time, so I had to make a mad dash (well, drive) home from work, since I had promised Sarah I would recap the results show. Luckily, I have several friends who are fans; I called huge Kris Allen fan Kristine Marino for a big favor: Take AI notes for me till I get in front of my TV? She was happy to oblige:

Ryan Seacrest opens the show by talking to our four judges. He refers to Simon Cowell as Paula Abdul's school mate and asks what was going on with them last night. He said they should get a room. (Carla: Please don't put that image in my head, Mr. Seacrest.) Simon then clarifies that the president did not, in fact, invite him to dinner, and it was only a joke.


And now ... our Idols. The Top 10 sing a medley of Motown hits. They appear to be lip-syncing. It looks pretty cheesy. Then AI Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard sings. There's plenty of sweat on his head, and he's now a married man. (Carla: For me, Studdard and the soon-to-come Stevie Wonder just aren't as exciting as Kanye West and Kelly Clarkson.)

And finally ... we get some results.

First up is


Adam Lambert

. He's safe. Not a big surprise. We then learn

Matt Giraud

is in the bottom three. The judges are surprised by the vote.

Kris Allen

is safe! It's down to

Lil Rounds


Michael Sarver

. Lil is safe; Michael is not.

Enter me, Carla. Thanks, Kristine!

I turn on the TV as Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson end a duet ("You're the One for Me"). I'm not too upset that I missed that. Kristine, however, adds that she loves Joss, who looked very pretty. She says the performance was a little awkward to watch, but Smokey sounded pretty good. (Apparently, this is a new song from his coming record.)


Next we learn that Allison Iraheta is safe. Good thing I voted for her about 70 times. Anoop Desai is safe ... although it sounds like Ryan is going to say otherwise. Next up is Danny Gokey. He's safe, too. America doesn't agree with Simon! (What a surprise.) It's down to Megan Joy not Corkrey and Scott MacIntyre. The person in trouble tonight is ... Scott!

When asked for input on the three in danger, Randy Jackson says Matt has rocked the mic consistently and doesn't deserve to be here. Simon says Matt and Michael are there because the public doesn't like them that much. Burn. I thought he'd say they were considering saving Matt. How could you not like Matt, America? Scott is told immediately that he is safe.

Next we have a Motown melody from Stevie Wonder. These shows are reallllllly drawn out.

We learn that Michael has the lowest number of votes. No big surprise there. It comes down to "singing for his life." He says: "I have to sing after Stevie! Oh, crap!" After he's done, the judges have NOT "decided" on his fate. Ryan reminds them that another show needs to come on. After a brief huddle, it's again no big surprise that Simon says Michael's rendition of "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" can't save him. He's eliminated. Daddy's going home.

What did you think of the results?

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