So who's going to be the casualty of Grand Ole Opry on tonight's American Idol results show?

Ryan Seacrest introduces the show, saying that more than 31 million votes were cast last night. Then he lets us know Brad Paisley will be performing, as will Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis.


Before that, it's group sing time; they perform "Trouble." And wow, this is some more obvious lip-syncing.

Then it's time for a behind-the-scenes look of what happens after they sign off on results night, including footage of a goodbye dinner for Jasmine and Jorge.

Results time: Danny Gokey is safe, and oh, by the way, the Top 10 makes it to the tour. Lil Rounds gets the fakeout, but she is safe, too, as is Anoop Desai. Allison Iraheta and Michael Sarver stand up together and find out that they are both in the bottom three (after making Michael think he's safe for a minute). 

With some of them safe and some not knowing their fate, it's time for a break for Brad Paisley to perform. That's so not nice. So many of them can't possibly enjoy the performance because they don't know whether they're safe.

After that, more results. Scott MacIntyre is safe. Megan Joy Corkrey is, too. Matt Giraud? Safe. Kris Allen is also safe. That leaves Alexis Grace and Adam Lambert. (By the way, while they are dragging it out, Randy mentions that Adam's version of "Ring of Fire" was by Jeff Buckley. Adam, you are no Jeff Buckley. Randy also calls Alexis "Allison" more than once.) Alexis is in the bottom three. Immediately, Ryan lets them know that Allison is safe.

Alexis and Michael have to wait through the break and the performance by Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis to find out which one of them is out, of course. Carrie Underwood looks like she's wearing a Kellie Pickler costume, but girl can sing.

Before they find out the results, Ryan asks Simon if they would consider using the judges' save on either of the bottom two. He said they would consider using it for one of them. That's nice and vague.

Wow. Michael Sarver is safe, so Alexis Grace is out. Unless of course they do use the judges' save. I just can't imagine them using it this soon. Simon says she is the one they were thinking of saving, so it all comes down to this performance. Oh, please. You know they know how they're handling this.

Alexis sings; the judges talk. She ramps things up a bit, but it sounds like her voice is a little worn at times. Simon says they were "kind of unanimous," and they aren't using the save. Alexis is out.

Anybody else think if she hadn't talked back so much last night, she wouldn't be here right now?

What do you think of the results?

By the way, next week's theme is 50 years of Motown.