Well, Gary Williams has plenty of fans at the bar.


Some say it's because the university won't eat the money remaining on his contract. And others say Gary deserves patience, and Saturday's win against UNC just shows how good of a coach he is.

I was just throwing it out there, people. No need to Fear The Bartender. We'll revisit the Terps on Thursday, which I think will be the bar's last day open for a little over a week. We'll reopen with me on my way (or in) Florida.

I, for one, am curious to see which Terps team shows against the Dukies on Wednesday.

Got a couple new CDs in the jukebox today. I finally got the new Springsteen (I really like most of the tunes, but that "Queen of the Supermarket" one is painful). I also took a chance at a Circuit City closing and bought the most recent Ryan Adams and the Cardinals and my first Marc Broussard -- each for half price. I'm a Ryan Adams fan, so that one should be fine, but got to admit I'm not sure how much I like the Broussard. I'm gonna give it a few listens, but it's a little poppy so far for my tastes.

OK, let's talk some baseball.

It's been a decade since I haven't been at spring training this late in February. And I'm really starting to detest the cold up here. I have to endure two more weeks before I see a Grapefruit League game -- though the first one of 2009, against the WBC Italian team, is today.

One of the cool things about the spring is you get to see guys you've never heard of pitch or hit for the first time. And each year there is at least one (sometimes several) that surprises. My guess is it will be a pitcher this spring in Orioles camp because the offense is pretty much set.

Here's my pick for the biggest surprise in Fort Lauderdale: David Pauley.

Why? I don't know. But I like guys that are buried in good systems, and he couldn't really crack the Boston Red Sox staff. Plus, he's out of options, so he'll get a long look.

So I say Pauley, a 25-year-old righty who went 14-4 in Triple-A last year, is my pick. Who's yours?

Daily Think Special: Who will be the surprise in Orioles camp this spring?